No far battlefield camera

battlefield far camera is missing from options

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No far battlefield camera

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Thanks for the game we all love it.
As i installed openra (redalert) for some computers, i noticed that on a few computers we dont have the "far battlefield camera" option. Just the close and the medium.
How can it be fixed? Why can't we see it unless we se it on notebooks with the same configuration.
For example: missing on a Dell Vostro 3000 (not full HD), also HP pavilion 14" (fullHD); not missing on Vostro 3000 (FullHD).
All running on latest windows 10.

Thanks for answer.

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Re: No far battlefield camera

Post by Sleipnir »

The battlefield camera and UI scale options that are available depend on your screen resolution and OS DPI settings. If we enabled zooming out further on small screens the selection boxes would be too small to work properly. I suspect that the HP Pavilion may have Windows configured with a display scaling greater than 100%, which would make the screen appear to be less than full HD to OpenRA.

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