Play from tablet using TeamViewer

Remote control your PC so you can play from a tablet.

Discussion about the game and its default mods.
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Play from tablet using TeamViewer

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One thing that bugged me about my iPad is I haven’t come across any true RTS games like Red Alert on the PC. Maybe it’s because they lack processing power?

So this got me thinking how well will RA run via remote control (iPad to PC) using TeamViewer? Surprisingly well!

1. Once in your TV session adjust the resolution to match tablet to fill out the screen.
2. Adjust the sound audio output device in the TV settings if you don’t hear the game audio on your tablet.
3. TV has a finger/touch mode and a mouse cursor mode. The finger mode works really well and occasionally I had to switch to cursor mode for a few tricky tasks like panning. If you have radar you can pan easily using that with finger mode.
4. Screen shakes from building getting destroyed is a bit much for remote - assuming this can be turned off somewhere?
5. Right-click behaviour in TV is done by pressing and holding. Gets a little frustrating. Can prob adjust TV or RA settings to get around this too.

I’ll add more tips as I go along.
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