linux super bugs red alert

linux bugs crash after 5min on debian system

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linux super bugs red alert

Post by niculine »

OpenRA engine version release-20190314
Red Alert mod version release-20190314
on map e8d035f4dad2c1ff0b036a3d1dcb29903addc82f (Ore Gardens (ERCC 1.2) by sith_wampa).
Date: 2019-06-28 19:54:27Z
Operating System: Linux (Unix
Runtime Version: Mono (Debian Wed Apr 17 16:37:36 UTC 2019) CLR 4.0.30319.42000
Exception of type `System.NullReferenceException`: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
at System.Collections.Generic.LargeArrayBuilder`1[T].GetBuffer (System.Int32 index) [0x00022] in <13c0993ff82548209b09f271bd5e6a78>:0
at System.Collections.Generic.LargeArrayBuilder`1[T].CopyTo (System.Collections.Generic.CopyPosition position, T[] array, System.Int32 arrayIndex, System.Int32 count) [0x00041] in <13c0993ff82548209b09f271bd5e6a78>:0
at System.Collections.Generic.SparseArrayBuilder`1[T].CopyTo (T[] array, System.Int32 arrayIndex, System.Int32 count) [0x00035] in <13c0993ff82548209b09f271bd5e6a78>:0
at System.Collections.Generic.SparseArrayBuilder`1[T].ToArray () [0x00028] in <13c0993ff82548209b09f271bd5e6a78>:0
at System.Linq.Enumerable+ConcatNIterator`1[TSource].LazyToArray () [0x00048] in <13c0993ff82548209b09f271bd5e6a78>:0
at System.Linq.Enumerable+ConcatNIterator`1[TSource].ToArray () [0x00016] in <13c0993ff82548209b09f271bd5e6a78>:0
at System.Linq.Enumerable.ToArray[TSource] (System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[T] source) [0x00021] in <13c0993ff82548209b09f271bd5e6a78>:0
at OpenRA.Mods.Common.Activities.ResupplyAircraft.OnFirstRun (OpenRA.Actor self) [0x000de] in /home/travis/build/OpenRA/OpenRA/OpenRA.Mods.Common/Activities/Air/ResupplyAircraft.cs:45
at OpenRA.Activities.Activity.TickOuter (OpenRA.Actor self) [0x00050] in <f69fafde25414782b71cd55dd1b3d620>:0
at OpenRA.Traits.ActivityUtils.RunActivity (OpenRA.Actor self, OpenRA.Activities.Activity act) [0x00022] in <f69fafde25414782b71cd55dd1b3d620>:0
at OpenRA.Actor.Tick () [0x00010] in <f69fafde25414782b71cd55dd1b3d620>:0
at OpenRA.World.Tick () [0x00046] in <f69fafde25414782b71cd55dd1b3d620>:0
at OpenRA.Game.InnerLogicTick (OpenRA.Network.OrderManager orderManager) [0x00237] in <f69fafde25414782b71cd55dd1b3d620>:0
at OpenRA.Game.LogicTick () [0x00050] in <f69fafde25414782b71cd55dd1b3d620>:0
at OpenRA.Game.Loop () [0x000d6] in <f69fafde25414782b71cd55dd1b3d620>:0
at OpenRA.Game.Run () [0x00042] in <f69fafde25414782b71cd55dd1b3d620>:0
at OpenRA.Game.InitializeAndRun (System.String[] args) [0x00011] in <f69fafde25414782b71cd55dd1b3d620>:0
at OpenRA.Program.Main (System.String[] args) [0x0004f] in <f69fafde25414782b71cd55dd1b3d620>:0

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Re: linux super bugs red alert

Post by Sleipnir »

This bug is caused by the Mono 5.18 release included in Debian/Ubuntu. You can work around it by following the instructions on ... wnload-lin to update to a newer version.

The next version of OpenRA will work around this and other issues by including its own self-contained runtime.

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