Ultimate C&C Universe Crossover?

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Ultimate C&C Universe Crossover?

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I just found out about this project and I am delighted and very impressed by what has been achieved so far. So much sleeker and easier to play than the original games, which I discovered the hard way haven't really aged that well in terms of controls and compatibility. So thank you for all your hard work on this project.

I also found out about Dawn of the Tiberium Age, and a similar mod called Tiberian Origins. The idea of putting the factions from the first two games together sounds pretty awesome, but I couldn't find much of anyone discussing the next logical step: Since OpenRA is using the same open source engine for all the games/mods, it would be pretty cool to see a crossover of Red Alert 2 and Tiberian Sun and have all of those factions face off against each other. Or even put all of the factions from all the games (maybe even Dune), including all the maps, music, etc, and have one big crazy crossover party. Imagine your build options when you manage to get an engineer into all the factions' construction buildings (you could maybe even invent some new units that are only available when you have access to some of these crazy combinations of tech trees, like Tesla-Chem Troopers).
I know there would likely be a huge challenge in trying to balance all those factions against each other for fair gameplay, but the sandbox player in me is tickled just by the idea of being able to muck around with those combinations of allies and enemies.

You could have options in skirmish and multiplayer to enable or disable each faction or map-set from the different games/universes if you didn't want to include them.

Obviously, just getting Tiberian Sun into OpenRA and then Red Alert 2 would be the priority. But having this crazy ultimate C&C universe crossover seems like a cool, logical ultimate conclusion of the OpenRA project. Kind of surprised I couldn't find anyone suggest it before. Is it just me? Anyone else find that concept exciting? I know I find this more appealing from a sandbox play point of view than a competitive one, so maybe that is why it hasn't been mentioned before.

Either way, thank you to the team for making OpenRA, and please keep up the good work.

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