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Re: BEST THREAD EVUR (aka Red Alert Balance Suggestion)

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- NEW UNIT: "Super Ultra Generic Tank 9000", replaces the PANZERs when playing with starting units. Also available through crates.
- NEW UNIT: "Redptor", unlocked and produced by Comrade Trexky, a unit that is more effective than others at charging up the "horde-bonus" and is randomly equipped with one of four weapons at construction.
- REMOVED: "Baguettes".
- Repairing units via Repair Pad/Helipad/(Mini-)Airfield is now (almost) free. Ships can now be repaired by Repair Pads.
- Ship Yards/Sub Pens can now also repair vehicles. (The idea is: Repair one vehicle at a time for almost no cash at pads, or multiple at the same time for some cash at shipyards).
- Civilian/Technician damage vs heroic units reduced by 75%.
- Scientists (rarely obtained from selling some of the expensive buildings) are now armed and dangerous.
- Sandbags are now free and (almost) instantly built. Can be placed double the range away than other walls.
- Concrete Walls provide 25% damage resistant to friendlies in a radius of 3 tiles. Does not stack. Does not work on walls.
- Concrete Walls spawn Mexicans when dyeing, which are armed with tiny Nukes.
- Burstfirer renamed to "Hypocaust". Is now a pop-up turret, that needs to display a short (newly added) animation before firing. When not in use, cloaks and receives less damage.
- Burstfirer weapon changed from a fire-"beam" to a pseudo clusterbomb (mostly because Pop-up turrets are kind of buggy and wouldn't work with the firebeam very well).
- Hoop Master reload time reduced from 65 to 55.
- Hoop Master damage increased from 8000 to 9500.
- Tower of Babel zombification chance increased from 33% to 50%.
- Tower of Babel reload delay reduced from 22 to 21.
- Tower of Babel damage increased from 2500 to 2800.
- Tower of Babel damage area increased from 192 to 256.
- Zombie zombification chance increased from 50% to 66%.
- Silos explode a little bit harder, making chain-reactions hopefully easier (I want silo sniping to be a thing).
- Construction Yards can now be disabled by Lag Launchers/UFOs.
- Rofl Man/Cowboy/Storm Trooper friendly fire damage reduced by 75% (should help with them killing each other, once vehicles run into their blob).
- Ore Seeders can now also detect mines, like harvs.
- Mini Tank spawn invulnerability from 25 ticks* to 20 (*Modders Note: 25 Ticks are one second).
- Mini Tank damage vs heavy armor reduced by 5%.
- Mini Tank price increased from 700 to 725.
- Mini Tanks will not spawn smaller ones when killed by Kamikaze planes, Nuke Mines or Nukes.
- DeLoreans now use opportunity fire.
- DeLorean damage increased from 330 to 340.
- Power Ranger reload delay changed from 48 ticks to 44.
- Shadow Ninjas can no longer be deployed. The LeapAttack has also been removed. Instead, they will attack with their sword "normally" when they are close enough to enemies. Shadow Ninjas will move faster and are more resistant to damage, while close enough to enemies.
- Shadow Ninjas receive additional damage resistance for a short time during a sword attack.
- Shadow Ninja Hitshape size reduced to 96 from 128.
- Shadow Ninja default stance set to AttackAnything (required stance for them to run towards targets automatically while in sword-mode).
- Rocket Man Hitshape reduced to 128 (same as other infantry).
- Rocket Man speed increased from 108 to 120.
- Rocket Man missile spawned when dyeing is now potentially closer to point of death (making suicide runs potentially more effective).
- Rocket Man will no longer return when idle
- Gasmeister damage reduction for german units replaced by an inability to harm friendly units in general.
- Gasmeister range increased from 9 to 10.
- Gasmeister projectile lifetime increased from 60 to 80.
- Gasmeister total damage increased from 1900 to 3100.
- Gasmeister damage vs infantry reduced to 60 from 100 (to account for the fact that they deal full damage to prone infantry).
- Lumberjack range increased from 8 to 10.
- Lumberjack total damage increased from 2250 to 2800.
- Lumberjacks area damage reduced, direct hit damage increased.
- Lumberjack inaccuracy reduced from 1.5 tiles to 1.
- Lumberjack damage vs infantry increased by 5%.
- Jame Bond KillSat range increased from 8 to 10 tiles
- Jame Bond KillSat charge time reduced from 99 to 90 ticks.
- Jame Bond KillSat damage vs units increased by 5%.
- Longbow damage vs infantry increased by 15%.
- Longbow range increased from 6.5 tiles to 7.
- Airship range increased from 8 to 9,5 tiles (for comparison static AA has 10 tiles range).
- Airship damage increased from 3000 to 3200.
- Airship damage vs light armor and buildings increased by 5%.
- Airship rearm time reduced from 10 to 6 seconds.
- Airships can not rearm on Helipads anymore - they reload while in air anyway and this will also prevent them from returning to base while attacking.
- Fire Engine HP increased from 18000 to 20000.
- Fire Engine AG damage increased from 2000 to 2100.
- Fire Engine AG damage vs heavy armor increased by 5%.
- Cryo Tank HP increased from 18000 to 20000.
- Cryo Tank AG damage increased from 2000 to 2100.
- Cryo Tank AG damage vs heavy armor increased by 5%.
- Cryo Tank cryo effect time increased from 35 to 100 ticks. Cryo reload delay debuff now maxes out at 150% (was 140%).
- Cryo Tank reload delay decreased from 18 to 17.
- Sniper aim time reduced from 45 to 30 ticks.
- Explosionthrower range increased from 8 to 10 tiles.
- Explosionthrower explosion count increased by 1.
- Dr. Boom explosion count increased by 3.
- Mine damage increased from 25000 to 26000.
- Frisbee Dispenser damage vs Light Armor increased by 10%.
- Frisbee Dispenser damage vs Infantry increased by 5%.
- Frisbee Dispenser can now spawn up to 3 mines, when killing vehicles, with 1.5 on average (used to be always 1).
- Frisbee Dispenser can now spawn up to 2 mines, when killing infantry, with 0.2 on average (used to be one at 10% chance).
- Frisbee Dispenser damage area increased from 256 to 341 (map tiles are 1024 units big).
- Hinds can not rearm on Helipads anymore - they reload while in air anyway and this will also prevent them from returning to base while attacking.
- Hind default stance set to "Defend".
- Hind price reduced from 2600 to 2500.
- Moth scouting range increased from 3 to 4 tiles.
- Moth price reduced from 2400 to 2250.
- Mammoth Tank husks spawn Moths when repaired.
- Comrade Trexky horde-bonus levels reduced from 25/50 to 20/40 units.
- Comrade Trexky weapon changed to a powerful firebreath. Needs long to reload, his main purpose is still to support surrounding units.
- Comrady Trexky HP increased from 120000 to 150000.
- Comrade Trexky can now produce "Redptors" (Infantry queue).
- Comrade Trexky self-healing damage cooldown delay changed from 0 to 125 ticks.
- Comrade Trexky and Gun Dimension now need to be killed to defeat players.
- Gun Dimension shotgun area damage increased.
- Gun Dimension Machinegun inaccuracy reduced from 3 tiles to 2.
- Gun Dimension Autocannon damage vs infantry increased by 25%.
- Gun Dimension self-heal delay decreased from 12 to 9.
- Gun Dimension self-heal amount increased from 500 to 750.
- Gun Dimension HP increased from 200000 to 225000
- Space Submarine default stance set to "ReturnFire".
- Space Submarine cannon damage increased from 3000 to 3150.
- Space Submarine range increased from 9 to 10.5 tiles - making them capable of shooting static AA without being shot at.
- Engineers can now capture vehicle husks. Vehicles are restored to 100% HP.
- Mecha de Maginot spawn husks.
- Mecha de Maginot speed increased from 90 to 96.
- Chemtrailer projectile speed increased from 35-50 to 50-65.
- 5Guns ammo count increased from 60 to 72.
- 5Guns rearm time reduced from 19,2 to 15,1 seconds.
- 5Guns hitshape size set to 256 (512 is the default value, I believe).
- Firebomber rearm time reduced from 40 to 32 seconds.
- Firebomber damage vs units increased by 10%.
- Warp Sailer minimum range removed.
- Warp Sailer damage increased from 325 to 375.
- Warp Sailer effect now also increases hitshape size and inflicts damage over time. Units killed by this may spawn demons and zombies.
- Circus Cannon damage increased from 3000 to 3500.
- Laglauncher damage increased from 2600 to 3500.
- Crewzuh damage vs heavy armor increased by 15%.
- Crewzuh price reduced from 4000 to 3500.
- Big Willy price reduced from 4000 to 3500.
- Space Submarine price reduced from 3000 to 2700.
- Reality Hacker damage increased by 5% vs units.
- UFO range increased from 6.5 tiles to 7.
- Glitch Gun price reduced from 2200 to 1900.
- Glitch Gun reload delay reduced from 50 to 45.
- Glitch Gun damage vs buildings increased by 5%.
- Glitch Gun effect area increased from 0.25 tiles to 1.5 tiles (same as reality hackers).
- Glitch Gun effect duration increased from 5 to 8 ticks (same as reality hackers).
- Glitch Gun Chrono recharge reduced from 12 to 10 seconds.
- Glitch Gun Chrono range increased from 12 to 20 tiles.
- Glitch Guns always spawn glitches on death.
- Laser Dogs are now turreted.
- Laser Dog hitshape reduced from 64 to 32.
- Rambo dog price increased from 400 to 450.
- Planes won't drop nuke-trees, anymore.

Bug Fixes:
- Launchermissiles will not sometimes spawn panzers when killing stuff anymore
- Engineers can now also heal buildings, as described in the guide.
- Fixed a bunch of yaml-checker warnings and errors, that, to my knowledge, didn't impact any BME match before. Will not be able to get rid of all of them, since some of the things labelled "errors" are intentional behaviour.

- Added completely new sprites for Storm Troopers (300 frames in total).
- Added/improved sprites for Cowboys (better shooting plus three new idle animations - 191 frames in total).
- Added icons for Son Goku, Fire Engines, DeLorean, CommieNuker, Frisbee Dispenser, Circus Cannon, Mecha de Maginot, Tower of Babel, Cannon Turret, 5Guns, Gun Dimension, Comrade Trexky.
- Shadow Ninja sword animation now complete for all facings.
- Shadow Ninjas now display idle sprites.
- Allied Tech Centers will now randomly choose one of four sprites to display upon construction (three of which are new).
- Added low effort sprites for Mobile Refinery and Mobile Silo.
- Airdropped Tree speed doubled
- Renamed Sonic to Sanic
- Comrade Trexky selection box increased.
- 5Guns contrail colour changed.
- 5Guns now have coloured trails.
- 5Guns projectile sprites randomized.
- Circus Cannon projectile now use the player-palette.
- Glitch Gun projectile trails now use the player-palette.
- Added one additional death-voice for german units.
- Added a few additional voices for glitch effects.
- Attempted to make bots more challenging.

New Maps:
-Twin Rivers, a somewhat chokey 3v3 map
-Coastal Forts, now available as 6 player port of the modded 8 player port of a 6 player map (6p) (8p)
-Irrigated Gardens, a map heavily based on the Ore Gardens map
-Irrigated Gardens II, is a slightly altered 3v3 variant of the above map

The guide has been updated for the things that are worth mentioning from this update.

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Re: BEST THREAD EVUR (aka Red Alert Balance Suggestion)

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- Shadow Ninja damage resistance in melee mode increased from 50% to 60%. Damage resistance while attacking increased from 75% to 85%.
- Shadow Ninja price reduced from 250 to 220.
- Submarines will now fire at buildings inside fog.
- Submarines won't attack buildings in defend stance anymore.
- Reality Hackers will now fire at buildings inside fog. Force-fire targets ground.
- Circus Cannon/Lag Launcher visibility range increased 6 from to 8 tiles.
- Electric Fence armor changed from Wood to receive full damage from everything.
- Electric Fence price reduced from 250 to 150.
- Concrete Wall Mexicans now spawn with a second invulnerability. Even if invulnerability is still active, they'll die once they shoot.
- Mexicans can no longer damage walls.

Bug Fixes:
- Aircraft cloners should work now. However, they will still only properly clone things with a primary building OF THE TYPE OF UNIT YOU WANT TO CLONE. If you want to clone helis, you can't have an airfield set as primary building. Description updated to reflect this.

- The added death voice for Germans now actually works.
- Kamikaze planes will now play kill-sounds again.
- "Hoop Master" renamed to "Nerve Stapler", description changed.
- Selection box for Running Crates increased in size. Should make it easier to force-fire them.

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Re: BEST THREAD EVUR (aka Red Alert Balance Suggestion)

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Hey Insert Name, your BME maps doesn't work anymore on the new release. I couldn't find you on Discord also I cant private contact you here in the forum. Do you will update them in the future? I enjoy them so much :D

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Re: BEST THREAD EVUR (aka Red Alert Balance Suggestion)

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truly miss BME ... its hard to describe, this feeling of not getting enough air to breath from excessive laughing... it is truly a unique masterpiece and such a joyful experience to play.

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Re: BEST THREAD EVUR (aka Red Alert Balance Suggestion)

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Does it work on the current release? I imagine not. Hopefully Insert Name ports it to the release! :D

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