BEST THREAD EVUR (aka Red Alert Balance Suggestion)

thread for the BME mod-map

Discussion about the game and its default mods.
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BEST THREAD EVUR (aka Red Alert Balance Suggestion)

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This thread is about BEST MAP EVUR (or just BME) a set of mod-maps for RA which have been in development since 1.4.2018.
These maps change the behaviour of most units and add a few new ones for a slightly different and less serious game experience.
While it shares spirit (and a few units and features here and there) with a TD map of the same name I have made some time before, the RA version is completely overhauled.

BME is (intentionally) unhelpful in regards to what does what in-game, but there is a guide a few posts down:

I'm aware that the resource server says the yaml-checks fail, but the latest BME seems relatively stable (crashes result in the game freezing with no log files so can't fix them).

Feedback (especially in regards to balancing and bugs) is appreciated.

Original Post from April 1.:
I'm a new player, but after playing a couple of games against bots, I have noticed some GRAVE issues with this game - and not just balancing either.

As a professional gamer and modder, I have taken it upon myself to rectify some of these problems.

Please try out my maps and let me know, what you think.

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Re: Red Alert Balance Suggestion

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! GOOD WOK!! this fixes everything !!!!!!

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Re: Red Alert Balance Suggestion

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Re: Red Alert Balance Suggestion

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:lol: Nice

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Re: Red Alert Balance Suggestion

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Dude, you are a pure genius. I am speechless.

I just don't understand how can someone show up one day and throw out all these modifications, sounds, animations, and chariots of fire.

Not sure if this is a reality anymore? Seriously. Reality hijacker. The whole new level.

BTW - what's that disco song the tech center is playing? It's really awesome.

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Re: Red Alert Balance Suggestion

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Re: Red Alert Balance Suggestion

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Luftwaffe wrote:
Tue Apr 02, 2019 5:55 am
BTW - what's that disco song the tech center is playing? It's really awesome.
Koto - Jabdah

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Re: Red Alert Balance Suggestion

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Again, I consider BME-theme the art masterpiece. Nobody will ever be able to match this, in any shape or form. It came out of nowhere, and only a small community about 200 active openRA players will ever see it.

BME is pure "Americanata", 100% purity.

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Re: Red Alert Balance Suggestion

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Excellent work.

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Re: BEST THREAD EVUR (aka Red Alert Balance Suggestion)

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New Update (map links in first post):


- NEW UNIT: Cryo Tank as Russian replacement for the Fire Engine - inflicts a stacking debuff that slows targets
- Shadow Ninja HP and range increased
- Shadow Ninja sword mode behaviour altered to leap attacks (*teleports behind you*) - they can not attack any structures while in sword mode and are less suited to fight against single targets with high HP (only a single ninja will attack each target)
- Spamadier attack speed, range, melee capabilities reduced
- Spamadiers slightly more vulnerable to their own grenades
- Kamikaze plane HP increased by 20%
- Running Crate speed reduced by 10%
- Electric Fence damage increased by 87.5% against infantry and 50% against everything else
- Launchermissile and Panzerwerfer accuracy slightly increased, area damage reduced, direct hit damage increased
- Panzerwerfer projectile speed increased by 5%
- Panzerwerfer tank spawn chance when killing vehicles reduced to 66% (from 75%) but they're always friendly now (except when killed by panzerwerfers) - spawnchance when killing Minitanks remains at 25% (including the minier, miniest tanks), spawnchance for infantry set to 10% (was 0%)
- UFO price reduced by 100$
- Glitch Gun damage, attack speed, HP slightly increased
- Cowboy/Storm Trooper damage vs non-infantry decreased by 50%
- Laser Dog and Gundog HP increased, hitshape size reduced (makes them harder to hit by inaccurate small area attacks, such as those used by Cowboys/Storm Troopers)
- Ore generation rate set back to the default value (was 36% higher) in the hopes of making the ore generating silos a tiny bit more interesting
- Naval unit speed on water increased by 25%
- Super Mortar speed increased by 20% (it doesn't benefit from the 25% water speed increase)
- Lumberjack damage area increased by 25%
- Harvester and Ore Seeder (Cash Truck) silo dependency removed as apparently nobody bothers to even read prerequisites
- reduced Longbow facing tolerance to make them miss less after turning

- fixed pilot names
- made car salesman visible to everyone

Misc Stuff:
- animated silos
- SAM planes now use playercolours
- fixed some civ building descriptions
- recoloured and renamed ore
- T-Rex flag colour now player-based
- Firetruck AA explosion flipped
- added icon for Big Willy

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Re: BEST THREAD EVUR (aka Red Alert Balance Suggestion)

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Current RA balance is literally unplayabale so for now I will only be playing BME balance changes :)

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Re: BEST THREAD EVUR (aka Red Alert Balance Suggestion)

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Two new BME maps:

Quick'N'Dirty, a 4p map for 2v2 or FFA:

Aridification, a 6p map for 3v3:

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Re: BEST THREAD EVUR (aka Red Alert Balance Suggestion)

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Please be aware, that things may behave differently than is described here, as the ideas behind them and their balancing may not translate into the map very well.
In other words: This guide may be less useful than just trying out stuff in-game.
Unit behaviour may also be changed with updates.

Quickstart manual (for those who don't want to read this entire thing- these are some of the most important things):
- Conyards generate power. Shipyards, Barracks and Refineries do not need an initial powerplant.
- Silos generate Ore. Not instant cash to your reserves, but harvestable. You'll want quite a few of them.
- Ore Trucks can be deployed to generate a small ore field instantly. This amount is worth more than the Ore Truck.
- Naval units can move (slowly) on land. Naval buildings can be built on land, as well.
- Naval Transports allow units to fire outside.
- Technicians, spawned by Harvesters dyeing (among other things), are armed with a mini-nuke. This kills the Technician.
- T-Rexes are rather weak on their own, but provide "horde-bonus" effects, when they are surrounded by sufficient amounts of units. There are two strength levels, one at 25 and the second one at 50 units. Infantry counts for one, Vehicles for three units.
- Civilians spawned by killing civ buildings will be invulnerable for a short time and are VERY dangerous.
This horde-bonus improves the strength of all those surrounding units.
- Cloners work badly for some reason. You'll need a primary building in order for (all of) them to work.
- Demo Trucks no longer have a suicide-attack- they are armed with a single nuke-mine and need to be deployed to place it. These mines are triggered when a unit gets close enough, they don't need to be stepped on.
- Harvesters can detect mines.
- Rifleman equivalents can detect all cloaked units in a short range. Helis can detect submarines in a short range.
- Powering down Radar Domes or Tech Centers manually (i.e. not low power) will remove the tech-prerequisites they provide, for as long as they remain powered down.
- Engineers can teleport and heal friendly units.

- England: Radar Dome gives access to the "SAS Infiltration" power.
- France: Doom Tanks are replaced by Mecha de Maginot
Walls are replaced by Baguettes.
- Germany: Lumberjacks are replaced by Gasmeisters
Crewzuhs are replaced by Big Willies

- Ukraine: Explosionthrowers are replaced by Dr. Boom
Circus Cannons are replaced by Lag Launchers
- Russia: Fire Trucks are replaced by Cryo Tanks
Launchermissiles are replaced by Panzerwerfers

The majority of buildings remains unchanged, so I'll just describe what is different (apart from the names) and the new buildings.

- Construction Yard:
Provides 50 Power and is the only prerequisite you need for Barracks, Refineries and Ship Yards, so feel free to delay construction of the first powerplant.

- Barracks (both Allied and Soviet):
Heals infantry in a small radius around it (radius visible by clicking on it).

- Radar Dome:
Powering it down manually will prevent it from providing its prerequisite. England will gain the SAS Infiltration superweapon from it (if tech-levels permit it, multiple Domes grant multiple superweapons).

- Advanced Powerplant:
Now requires Tech Centers as prerequisite, rather than just Radar Domes, to be built.

- Airfield:
Buildable by both Allies and Soviets. No longer grants any superweapons.

- Low-Carb Airfield:
It is a smaller, cheaper airfield that can't build anything. Intended as a resupply and repair point for planes.

- Helipad:
Buildable by both Allies and Soviets. Most Helicopters reload while in air (if they need to reload at all), but they can now also repair here.

- Tech Center (both Allied and Soviet):
Powering it down manually will prevent it from providing its prerequisite. Also needs more power.
Allied Tech Centers no longer provide GPS power (on their own).

- Aspect of the Gun Dimension (Allies):
It's actually a unit, that is merely built and placed like a building, after which it can be moved around like normal.
Unit class: "Hero-tier" Unit
Equipped with a variety of different weapons of varying ranges, including some semi-artillery-range weapons and AA capable ones. Really slow, but lots of HP and ignores any terrain obstructions like aircraft. Self-heals.
Use against Everything. Avoid taking on too many enemies at once.

- Comrade Trexky (Soviet):
It's actually a unit, that is merely built and placed like a building, after which it can be moved around like normal.
Unit class: "Hero-tier" Unit
Rather underwhelming, if used as a direct combat unit, due its slow reload times. Its main function is its "horde-bonus" it provides to allied units around it (range-circle visible when selected), if there are enough of them. The horde-bonus provides self-healing, fire-rate increase, damage resistance and higher speed. There are two levels, first provided at 20 units and the second at 40. Vehicles count for 3 units. Horde-bonus level is indicated by red glowing and music. In addition to that, it (and only it) can build "Redptors", which will spawn where it stands. High HP and self-heals, main weapon does decent damage but reloads very slowly.
Use with lots of surrounding units. Avoid fighting with it directly.


- Sandbag Wall:
Currently cheap and useless.

- Electric Fence:
Unit class: Deterrence/Emergency Defense
Armed with a low-range, but decently strong weapon. Running it over deals quite a bit of damage, so firing at it from a distance is the safest option. Outranged by pretty much everything. Potentially useful when enemies are getting into placement range, or are already in your base.

- Concrete Wall:
Unit class: Wall
Quite damage resistant and self-heals. Other than that a normal wall.

- Silo:
Unit class: Ore Generator
Seeds Ore at a slow rate- the Ore still needs to be collected, you don't get instant cash. Silos will explode and potentially trigger chain-reactions when destroyed.

- Tower of Babel (Allies):
Unit class: Anti-Infantry Turret
Chance of turning killed infantry into friendly, but uncontrollable Zombies. Zombies can do the same, so these towers have the potential to raise a small army out of enemy infantry. Hits instantly. Changes name and impact sprites when damaged, but this is purely decorational.
Use against Infantry and Vehicles. Avoid Tanks and Aircraft.

- Cannon Turret of Love and Friendship (Allies):
Unit class: Anti-Tank Turret
Shoots lots of slightly inaccurate, slow moving projectiles that deal good damage vs most targets. Good range.
Use against Vehicles, Tanks. Avoid Aircraft

- FLAK Turret (Allies):
Unit class: AA
Shoots a lot of inaccurate pellets, like a shotgun, which deal quite a bit of area damage.
Use against Aircraft. Avoid Ground Units.

- Oversized Telephone (Allies):
Charges up a superweapon that lets you summon a small group of Redshirts anywhere on the map. Redshirts are both fast and strong against most targets.

- Car-Sharing Agency (Allies):
Charges up the Cartaclysm superweapon. While active, it causes a rain of quite a few projectiles in a large area around the target. Less strong against buildings, but much more useful against units than the Nuke.
Use against Bases, Blobs.

- Hypocaust (Soviet):
Unit class: Anti-Infantry/Vehicle Turret
Shoots flame bursts down a line, with the potential to deal lots of damage to blobs, that dare venture close enough. Also happens to cloak and receive less damage while not in use, but needs a short time to enter/leave attack-mode.
Use against Infantry and Vehicles. Avoid Tanks and Aircraft.

- Hoop Master (Soviet):
Unit class: Anti-Everything Turret
Slow firing and low HP, but good range and damage against most targets. Can attack aircraft. Has a chance of spawning demons when killing aircraft/vehicles.
Use against Tanks and Aircraft. Avoid Blobs.

- Sams Lawnchair (Soviet):
Unit class: AA
Shoots homing missiles, that need some time to launch, making it perhaps a bit less suited against fast targets. Deals good area damage once it hits. Might be a good idea to combine with Hoop Masters, if you expect lots of aircraft.
Use against Aircraft. Avoid Ground Units.

- Catalyst of Anger (Soviet):
Works the same as the Iron Curtain, in that it charges up Invulnerability. However, invulnerability includes a speed bonus and fire rate increase on this map.

- Tactical Nuke Home-Defense Supplement (Soviet):
Charges up a Nuke. Nukes have received a massive power up, but take around a minute to actually arrive at their target.
Use against Bases.

- Infantry/Vehicle/Aircraft/Ship Cloner (Allies and Soviet):
Produces a second unit of its type. Cloners are limited in numbers, depending on the Tech-Level.
WARNING: Cloners currently work wonky (no idea why). You should always have a primary building set when using cloners, otherwise one of them may act as a primary building, while the normal factories don't output a unit at all (effectively granting you a unit less, than you should get).
For Aircraft cloners, you'll need to set the building to primary, of which type you want to clone units (Airfield for cloned planes, Helipad for cloned Helis).


- Cowboys (Soviets) / Stormtroopers (Allies):
Unit class: Rifleman
Generic cannon-fodder riflemen. There are minor differences across factions, but they are used pretty much the same. Have more HP than most infantry units.
Use against Infantry and as meat-shields. Avoid Vehicles, Tanks, Aircraft.

- Yeah? (Soviets/Allies)
Unit class: Engineer/Medic/Mechanic
It's the engineer. Except it's also the medic now. And the mechanic. And he can capture vehicle husks. And he can chronoshift. It might be worth noting, that repairing vehicle husks restores them to 100% HP, which - especially considering their chronoshift - could be useful in combat.
In order to heal buildings without sacrificing the engineer, just set him to AttackAnything, or use CTRL+A+Move.
Use against wounded friendly units, tech buildings. Avoid anything hostile.

- Ghost Buster (Allies)
Unit class: Melee Rocket Soldier
The Allied Anti-Vehicle/Aircraft unit. Quite fast and even more damage resistant than Rifleman equivalents, but low range. Gains damage boni against "unnatural" things, such as zombies, demons, glitches...
Works passably well as a meatshield but Riflemen are the better choice in terms of HP per Dollar, alone.
Use against Vehicles and Aircraft. Avoid Infantry.

- Darksteel the Shadow Ninja (Allies):
Unit class: Scout/Hit-and-Run
Cloaked, fast unit. Deals decent damage, but a bit vulnerable. Will enter "sword-mode", once within 3 tiles of enemies, granting damage resistance, higher speed and replaces their weapon with a melee attack capable of insta-killing most infantry. Can't attack buildings with the sword and will not automatically
run towards targets, if not set to AttackAnything stance.
Use against Infantry, Vehicles. Avoid Anti-Infantry stuff.

- Lumberjack (Allies)
Unit class: Anti-Ground Support
Higher range than standard riflemen and shoots a short-lived damage-over-time projectile. Deals damage in a large area and could serve well to support frontline units, but not that good on their own.
Use against Ground Units, (Infantry) Blobs. Avoid Aircraft, direct fights.

- Gasmeister (German replacement for Lumberjack)
Unit class: Anti-Ground Support
Their projectile lives longer and can deal more damage total. Also prone infantry still receives full damage. Friendly receive no damage from this.
Use against Ground Units, (Infantry) Blobs. Avoid Aircraft, direct fights.

- Rocket Man (Allies)
Unit class: Scout/Budget Bomber
It flies and can only be attacked by AA. Rather slow and can only target units in close range, but is cheap (for aircraft) and could be spammed and used in "A-move enemy base" "tactics". When killed will crash somewhere in a large radius, possibly dealing some extra damage to somebody.
Use against slow/immobile Ground Units, Buildings. Avoid AA, Aircraft.

- Jame Bond (Allies)
Unit class: "Hero"-tier unit
Allied Infantry Hero. Can cloak, but will play music when moving around (can be heard by enemies). Fires rapidly and can dispatch most infantry easily. Will need some time for targeting when attacking vehicles and buildings (indicated by green laser), but can deal enough damage once finished targeting to destroy small groups of vehicles/tanks and most buildings. Targets that are not instantly destroyed in one damage burst (i.e. Conyards) will need to be targeted again, after a short reload time. Targeting time is reduced by level-ups.
Use against Ground Units, Buildings. Avoid Anti-infantry stuff, especially fast or long-ranged ones.

- Son Goku (Soviets)
Unit class: Rocket Soldier
Shoots missiles against vehicles and aircraft, not much to be said here.
Use against Vehicles and Aircraft. Avoid Anti-Infantry stuff.

- Spamadier (Soviets)
Unit class: Artillery/Area Denial
Throws lots of very inaccurate grenades, which will bounce a few times and effectively increase their range to artillery levels (Force-fire the ground!). Capable of damaging everything- if they can hit it.
They are pretty much unable to even defend themselves against targets right in front of them. Also tend to damage themselves over time.
Use against Bases, large areas potentially containing enemies. Avoid direct fights.

- Explosionthrower (Soviets)
Unit class: Anti-Ground Support
Shoots multiple explosions down a line, doing little harm to friendly units, so feel free to keep them a little behind as their range is higher than that of riflemen- or send them to the front lines to maximize the damage of those explosions.
Use against Ground Units. Avoid Anti-Infantry stuff.

- Dr. Boom (Ukrainian replacement for Explosionthrower)
Unit class: Anti-Ground Support
Just like the Explosionthrower, but better. Faster shooting/moving, more explosions...
Use against Ground Units. Avoid Anti-Infantry stuff.

- Sniper (Soviet)
Unit class: Artillery Support
Long-range unit. Can kill most infantry units in one shot, but works ok against vehicles and buildings. Needs quite a bit of time to target anything before shooting (indicated by red laser), making them perhaps a bit less suited against infantry blobs (as they will likely target the same guy).
Use against Infantry, anything that can't close in. Avoid direct fights.

- VDV Blini 1111 (Soviet)
Unit class: "Hero"-tier unit
Soviet Infantry Hero. Quite fast and his high regeneration rate allows him to shrug off lots of damage. Can punch most targets to death in a very short time, but needs to get in melee range.
Use against Ground Units, Buildings. Avoid too many units at once, especially when they deal damage spikes that he has no time to regenerate from.

- Redptor (Soviet)
Unit class: Randomized
Built from Comrade Trexky, with no other prerequisites. High HP and good speed. Its main weapon is randomly decided on construction and can be one of the following: A long-ranged moderately fast gun, a machinegun, a low-range artillery comet and a slow-reloading lightning beam. All of them are strong vs infantry, but the latter two are especially strong vs vehicles. The machinegun version is more damage-resistant than the others. Provides 4 units for Trexky horde-bonus. None of them have AA capabilities.
Use against Ground Units. Avoid Anti-Infantry stuff, Aircraft


- Hurrvester (Soviets/Allies):
Unit class: Harvester/Mine Detector
It collects Ore, as always. But now it becomes faster the fuller it is. Also, the technician it spawns when killed is armed with a mini-nuke.

- Ore Truck (Soviets/Allies):
Unit class: Cash Truck, Ore Field Generator
Can be sent to Allies to transfer cash. Could also be deployed to enjoy a fresh new Ore field (worth more than the Truck).

- Power Ranger (Allies):
Unit class: Scout/AA
Fires decently damaging homing missiles that can also target aircraft. Somewhat flimsy, works well when micro'd around enemies, letting the turrets do their work. Can transport infantry.
Use against Infantry, Vehicles, Aircraft. Avoid Anti-Vehicle stuff.

- Itty Bitty Tiny Tanky :3 (Allies):
Unit class: Meatshield/Harasser/Distraction
Very fast, but rather weak unit. Little scouting range makes them not that useful as a scout, but their real use is in the fact, that they will spawn two smaller tanks when dyeing. And when one of those dies, another two even smaller tanks. Smaller tanks become progressively weaker, but faster (moving and shooting) and will be invulnerable for a short time after spawning. Remember to reselect the spawned tanks.
Use against Vehicles, Things that are trying to hide behind the frontline. Avoid Tanks, Aircraft.

- This Tank is Doomed (Allies):
Unit class: Tank
Shoots slow, but decently strong missiles, as well as very inaccurate pellets- inaccurate enough that it likely won't be noticeable unless used in melee ranges. High HP and decent speed, should make for a good all-rounder. The rockets can damage the parent tank, so keep that in mind while advancing.
Use against Ground Units. Avoid Anti-Tank Infantry, Aircraft

- Mecha de Maginot (French replacement for "This Tank is Doomed")
Unit class: Tank
A bit slower, but in theory superior to the Doomed Tank in most regards. Its anti-tank projectiles are faster than the Doomed Missiles, its machinegun is more accurate than the shotgun and in addition to that it also has an anti-building mortar. Can also crush some vehicles.
Use against Ground Units. Avoid Anti-Tank Infantry, Aircraft

- McQuintuple CommieNuker (Allies):
Unit class: Artillery
Very high range, high fire rate, inaccurate and a bit low damage. Good against larger groups of units, but will need to keep sustained fire to cause damage.
Use against Blobs, Buildings. Avoid Fast Units, Aircraft

- Extreme Frisbee Dispenser (Allies):
Unit class: Low-Range Artillery/Support
In comparison to artillery rather mobile and durable, with much less range. Killing anything with it may spawn a small minefield- the mines spawned fire multiple projectiles with the same ability, when triggered, but do not generate new mines themselves.
Minefields can be traversed by friendly units, but will detonate when receiving enough damage, such as when an unit above is being attacked.
Use against Vehicles, Tanks. Avoid Aircraft.

- Phase Tank (Allies):
Unit class: Hit-and-Run
Cloaks, moves faster and regenerates while cloaked. Leaves behind subtle negative after-images (if you see a dark shape moving around the map, it may be them). May spawn shadow zombies or Shoggoths after a big delay when killing something. Hits in a horizontal line in relation to its turret.
Moves quite slow while uncloaked, so consider to stop firing while retreating.
Use against Infantry Blobs, Tanks. Avoid Aircraft.

- DeLorean (Soviets):
Unit class: Combat Teleporter/Hit-And-Run/AA
Quite fast and can teleport around rather often, making them well-suited to just teleport on infantry-blobs and move around to crush them. Also armed with some sort of spray gun, that deals damage to everything the raylets come in contact with (including aircraft) - a bit weak over distance but very damaging close-by. Can also transport infantry.
Use against Infantry, Aircraft. Avoid Anti-Vehicle stuff.

- Thomas the little Fire Engine (Soviets):
Unit class: Scout/AA
Shoots three missiles, that home in somewhat inaccurately after some delay. Deals quite a bit of area damage. Can attack aircraft.
Use against Infantry (blobs), Vehicles, Aircraft. Avoid Tanks.

- Cryo Tank (Russian replacement for Thomas the little Fire Engine):
Unit class: Scout/AA/Support
Shoots single missiles that have no homing-delay. Also inflicts a stacking debuff that increasingly slows down enemy movement speed and firing rate.
Use against Infantry (blobs), Vehicles, Aircraft. Avoid Tanks.

- Big Boy Tank (Soviets):
Unit class: Tank
Shoots very fast projectiles in a certain rythm, but otherwise mostly unremarkable. More HP but slower than the Doomed Tank.
Use against Ground Units. Avoid Anti-Tank Infantry, Aircraft

- Launchermissile (Soviets):
Unit class: Artillery
Very high range, kind of accurate, high damage, but low rate of fire. Still good area damage, but more suited against single targets and less suited against blobs than the CommieNuker.
Use against Blobs, Buildings. Avoid Fast Units, Aircraft

- Panzerwerfer (Russian replacement for Launchermissile):
Unit class: Artillery
Behaves like the launchermissile, except when it dies or kills something it has the chance to spawn a PANZER (see misc units). Killing buildings will always spawn friendly panzers.
Use against Blobs, Buildings. Avoid Fast Units, Aircraft

- Demo Truck (Soviet):
Unit class: Minelayer
Demo Trucks are unarmed and die in a weak explosion when killed. To properly utilize them, you'll need to deploy them somewhere (ideally where enemies may appear). Deploying them will use them up and spawn a Nuke Mine, which will arm and cloak after a short delay.
The Nuke Mine will trigger when any hostile gets close enough (doesn't have to move on it) and detonate after another short delay. This Nuke explosion is slightly weaker than the one used by Nuke Silos, but strong enough to wipe out an army and a good chunk of a base.
TIP: Placing one near civilian buildings can massively increase damage output due to the spawning angry civilians.
Use against likely paths of enemies. Avoid placing too close to base, placing where enemies can spot and destroy them when they need time to arm.

- Sparkly Tank (Soviet):
Unit class: Low-Range artillery/Support
Spams a massive amount of weak projectiles that hit in an X-shape. Less vulnerable than proper artillery, but not really a frontline unit either.
Use against Blobs. Avoid Aircraft, Tanks.

- Reality Hacker (Allies and Soviet):
Unit class: Low-Range artillery/Support
Shoots weak projectiles that deal a certain percentage of the targets max health in damage. When something is killed by anything, currently being attacked (or being around something that is) by a Reality Hacker, there is a chance that "glitches" may happen.
Glitches include massive explosions, hostile units and other things, making them slightly random in their efficiency, but they have the potential to severely damage an army, if conditions favor it. Other than that, vulnerable and kind of weak on its own.
Use against Ground Units. Avoid Aircraft, being shot at.


- Longbow (Allies):
Unit class: Scout/AA/Support Heli
Cheap and fast, but a bit underwhelming on the HP and damage side. Can shoot aircraft. Slow projectiles may make it hard to hit fast units.
Use against Infantry, Aircraft. Avoid AA, Fast units.

- Flying Dutchman (Allies):
Unit class: Low-Range Artillery
Turreted slow-moving heli with decent range.
Use against Ground Units. Avoid AA.

- Kamikaze Plane (Allies):
Unit class: Scout/Suicide Bomber
Very strong, but you also only get one shot per purchase. Not too durable, but in theory capable of surviving long enough to destroy single AA turrets (especially Lawnchairs, with their long homing delay). Lots of area damage, so also useful against unit groups.
Beware their low turning speed, they are unsuited to attack too close targets. Decent speed and scouting range makes them also useful scouts.
Use against Ground Units, Buildings. Avoid Aircraft, being shot at.

- Firebomber (Allies):
Unit class: Bomber
Sets a large area on fire, strong enough to wipe out smaller buildings in a single run. Slow moving and slow turning, but high enough HP to survive being shot at for a little while.
Use against Blobs, Buildings. Avoid AA, Aircraft.

- Hind (Soviet):
Unit class: Attack Heli
Armed with self-reloading machineguns and rockets, with decent HP, movement speed and scouting range, these make good all-rounder aircraft, with their sole weaknesses being their price, their lack of AA and there being faster AA units around.
Use against Ground Units, Buildings. Avoid AA.

- Moth (Soviet):
Unit class: Flying Tank
It's a Mammoth Tank that flies. When destroyed will fall to the ground and continue the fight (albeit heavily damaged), as a normal mammoth tank. Has nearly no scouting range and will need some sort of scout support to be efficient. Repairing its husk will make it fly again.
Use against Everything. Avoid using without scouts.

- Chemtrailer (Soviet):
Unit class: Attack Bomber
Drops a lot of projectiles that deal damage over time over a large area, making them ideal against blobs. Not that good vs single targets.
Use against Blobs, Buildings. Avoid AA, Aircraft.

- 5Guns (Soviet):
Unit class: Attack Plane/AA
Fast and AA capable, this plane could be used to intercept aircraft and ground targets alike.
Use against Everything. Avoid AA.

Naval Units:

- Mobile Pillbox (Soviet and Allies)
Unit class: Transport/Bunker
Can carry lots of units, which all can fire outside. Units inside will survive the destruction of this vehicle and scatter a bit.

- Warp Sailer (Allies)
Unit class: Scout/AA/Support
Quite fast, even on land. Capable of attacking aircraft. Not too strong, but has a chance to cause units to become uncontrollable and run around quickly on the map, potentially breaking up armies to smaller more manageable groups.
Use against Vehicles, Aircraft. Avoid Infantry, Tanks.

- Battleship (Allies)
Unit class: Tank Destroyer
Slow, but decent HP and good damage and range. While still strong vs infantry, low firing rate means it gets overwhelmed by larger groups.
Use against Tanks. Avoid Infantry, Aircraft.

- Crewzuh (Allies)
Unit class: Artillery
Armed with lots of turrets, firing long-range inaccurate projectiles at a slow rate of fire. Lots of HP and could serve in the frontline in a pinch, but at their price I wouldn't recommend it.
Use against Blobs, Buildings. Avoid Aircraft, getting shot at.

- Big Willy (German replacement for Crewzuh):
Unit class: Artillery
Faster on land than on water. No longer turreted but fires a single quite accurate projectile that outperforms the Crewzuh barrage against single targets and small groups.
Use against Ground Units. Avoid Aircraft, getting shot at.

- Submarine (Soviet)
Unit class: Stealth Artillery
Slow moving, low scouting range, but high weapon range and cloaks. Missile speed is quite slow.
Use against Ground Units, Buildings. Avoid getting close enough to be detected and shot at.

- Circus Cannon (Soviet)
Unit class: Low-Range Artillery
Turreted with decent range, but also slow moving. Decent HP.
Use against Ground Units. Avoid Fast units, getting shot at.

- Lag Launcher (Ukrainian replacement for Circus Cannon)
Unit class: Low-Range Artillery/Support
Behaves mostly the same to the unit it replaces, but also inflicts a short-lived debuff, that stops units and buildings from acting at all- Powerplants stop providing power, Buildings stop building, Units stop shooting, etc.
Use against Ground Units, Buildings. Avoid Fast units, getting shot at.

- Space Submarine (Soviet)
Unit class: Stealth Heli
Flies and cloaks with quite high range. Capable of AA, but targeting times make it not too good at it. Like other naval units moves faster on/above water.
Use against Ground Units, Buildings. Avoid AA, Aircraft.

Special Units and Tech-Buildings:

- Cyclops from X-Men if he was a dog (Unlocked by capturing Barkrax - built in Infantry Queue)
Unit class: Hit-and-run
Very fast unit, armed with a laser turret strong vs most targets. Rather vulnerable to damage, but the small hit-shape means it could possibly evade damage while running around.
Use against distracted Ground Units, Tanks. Avoid Infantry, Aircraft, getting shot at.

- Dog Rambo (Unlocked by capturing Barkrax - built in Infantry Queue)
Unit class: Ground Support
Armed with a turret and can therefore be micro'd while it shoots everything. Fairly strong against most targets, slightly inaccurate which helps it deal with blobs. A bit slow.
Use against Ground Units. Avoid Aircraft, fast units that can close in and kill it.

- UFO (Unlocked by capturing Secret Illuminati Base - built in Aircraft Queue)
Unit class: Flying turret/Building disabler
Turreted helicopter dealing decent damage against most targets. Can attack Aircraft. When ordered to attack buildings, it will fly over it and disable it while dealing damage over time (comparable to RA2:YR UFOs). It will not fire at ground targets while attacking buildings.
Could disable AA turrets, but risky.
Use against Everything. Avoid AA.

- Glitch Gun (Unlocked by capturing Secret Illuminati Base - built in Vehicle Queue)
Unit class: Chrono Tank
Reality Hackers big brother. Can chronoshift over large areas, deals more damage, is more damage resistant and mostly immune to glitch effects. Ma cause Glitches to happen when they kill stuff and will always spawn one when they die.
Use against Ground Units. Avoid Aircraft.

- Barkracks:
Unlocks the dog units listed above.

- Secret Illuminati Base
Unlocks the UFO and Glitch Gun units.

-Global Meme Database
Provides lots of scouting range. When also owning a (Soviet/Allied) Tech Center, unlocks GPS power, but drains a lot of power.

Misc Units:
These units may spawn from crates or starting units and are not buildable.

- Rofl Man:
Unit class: Rifleman.
Superior to buildable rifleman equivalents, but otherwise comparable. Deals damage in a rather large area.
Use against Infantry. Avoid Anti-Infantry stuff, Tanks, Aircraft.

- Javelineer:
Unit class: Rocket Soldier.
Superior to buildable rocket soldier equivalents, but otherwise comparable. Decent range and area damage. Can attack aircraft.
Use against Vehicles and Aircraft. Avoid Infantry.

- Super Ultra Generic Tank 9000:
Unit class: Tank
Durable, good speed and effective vs most ground targets.
Use against Vehicles, Tanks. Avoid Aircraft.

- Panzer:
Unit class: Tank
Inferior to buildable tank equivalents, but still high HP and a moderately damaging cannon. Will spawn hostile ANGERY/VERRY ANGERY PANZER when killed by Panzerwerfers, which are much stronger.
Use against Vehicles. Avoid Infantry, Aircraft.

- Mobile Powerplant:
Deploy to get a powerplant.

- Mobile Refinery:
Deploy to get a refinery, including harvester.

- Mobile Silo:
Deploy to get a silo.

- Suicide Tree (Secret Government Agent)
Unit class: Assassin
Rare crate reward. Looks like a normal tree when stationary (with the sole exception that it displays a health bar). Is very fast and armed with a mini-nuke. Auto-targeting only happens when it moves around (at which point it may already be too late).
Use against Ground Units. Avoid being spotted.
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