Have C&C ult on origin, am I missing anything?

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Have C&C ult on origin, am I missing anything?

Post by WilliamTi »

I haven't kept up with OpenRA in a while so I was wondering if it would copy the art assets from C&C Ultimate Collection installed by my Origin client?

I remember reading something about missing music and FMV from RA1, CS, tAM, SS and Retaliation? How would I install those into OpenRA?

EDIT: the specifics sets of files are:

counterstrike and aftermath music from 1.02 patch (not included in origin release, present at westwood ftp now dead link)

fmv from retaliation ps3/psp game (purchasable, locked behind DRM)

cd audio from sole survivor (abandonware, not available to buy, higher quality of music original to retaliation)

EDIT: Apparently the First Decade didn't have the assets for Counterstrike and Aftermath. Google was unable to tell me if this was fixed in Ultimate. Of course the single player campaigns are low priority and still not finished. So wondering if it recognizes the FMV for missions that do not exist is pointless.

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Re: Have C&C ult on origin, am I missing anything?

Post by Sleipnir »

Yes, if you are on Windows and have the original games installed via Origin, OpenRA will detect and copy assets from them. This includes the FMVs.

OpenRA includes over half of the campaign missions in each mod, which has taken a significant amount of work by many people over several years. I think its really unfair to say the singleplayer campaigns are low priority, because that just tells these people that their work is not valued and discourages them from doing more.

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