Beginners questions

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Beginners questions

Post by harrykane140693 »

I used to play RA games but i know this isn't one to one copy of those games (my RA2strategy doesn't work here :D build as much heavy tanks as possible and annihilate the capitalist pigs)

So, i played OpenRA and my teammates were talking about sharing money and they knew if i had money or not, so Can i give my team money or do we share money.

Second question do we share technology like radar ?

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Re: Beginners questions

Post by WhoCares »


In team, you share the vision, what the unit see. If you have a radar dome on your minimap you will see what all unit see including your teammate's units. you still need your own radar dome to unlock the minimap.GPS technogy is shared is (once again) you possess your own radar dome). So one gps for an entire team is enought.

Regarding sharingmoneytheir is 2 way :

- Using supply truck : to save a player from extinction, otherwise useless, paralize your vehicule production to give nearly nothing to your opponenet (500)
- Giving your own ore truck order to unload in your teammate ref. This is powerfull because you can dedicate your own truck to mine for your teammate.

Edit : there is a discord server for beginners with how to play the game and lots info tips : You're more than welcoe there. And btw your post made me realize that I lack info and tips related to teamgames.

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Re: Beginners questions

Post by camundahl »

Didn't think about the teammate ore dump, good to know!

If they ever make engineer capture husks, it would be cool to be able to give a teammate a MCV if they lack the means to replace their last one, with no Service Depot or War Factory.

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Re: Beginners questions

Post by eskimo »

Welcome to ORA!

Be sure to join our populated and active discord, as well as Whocares tactics corner discord :)

There are many mods available to you which i recommend if you just want to chill with friends.
Our discords list all the mods available to you.

Regarding RA tactics, You can destroy your team mate's MCV and use a mechanic to capture the husk, which allows you technology from both factions.

Have fun!

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Re: Beginners questions

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