Repair man abuse

To get Tech from a friend player

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Repair man abuse

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Hi there,

I would like to open a discussion about the repair man i.e the mechanic. This unit ok until it becomes a path to acquire a mcv from your friend. Simply put it like this; I have a mechanic, i pay 700 to get access to full soviet technology from teslas to IC. my friend will lose 2500. many players says this is fair and nothing to complain about. I remember 1 particular game (2 vs 2) i played and my friend was bad player. The enemies were both good players. So I was able to hold the line for really long time and was trying to push forward into their base. But i noticed 1 allied player suddenly got tesla troopers, tesla towers and they in total got 2 ICs plus the chrono. Yes i was not able to locate their new mcv and IC but regardless its frustrating even if I could somehow destroy his new swabbed mcv. While us we got the normal thing; 1 ic and 1 chrono. I felt this is unacceptable to swab Technology just because you got 700 for the mechanic.

Indeed it's fair to pay 700 and actually destroy enemy mcv and then you get his technology. But it is really an abuse to destroy your friend mcv to get the husk mcv.

Let me hear your thoughts on the topic. Is it fair tactic or not? then why you think so?

Okay, I want to ask a side question related, but even if you don't agree, this is only out of curiosity and i would like to hear the answer.
Does the engine have the ability to disable husks from your friends mcv or vehicles? like you still get husks by destroying enemy tanks, but you won't get husk if you destroy your friend's mcv or tank?

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Re: Repair man abuse

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This is an ongoing hot topic of discussion, and you certainly aren't alone in that opinion. Some recent discussion including a potential plan of action were recently discussed in this thread.

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Re: Repair man abuse

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This is one of the best features in the game, it requires a good team cooperation.

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