So long and thanks for the food!

64H RA servers relegated down to RAGL and events.

Discussion about the game and its default mods.
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So long and thanks for the food!

Post by jaZz_KCS »

I am not hosting any RA public servers anymore. I...simply can't.
For over one year now I am suffering from the sporadic "core hugging/hogging" of OpenRA dedicated servers which has forced me to come to the conclusion that it's no longer possible.

A few of you might know what I am talking about as I have been complaining here and there for over a year. Yes I know, no issue has been created on github, I have not even gotten so far as to be able to reliably reproduce this. For now it's enough to say that, there are a few custom maps out there that do make the server instance it's played on use a processor core to it's fullest. This can happen in lobby mode, during the game, start of the game or even upon the game's finish. It will only cease once the server is forcefully shut down and looped manually.

Many of you might have experienced this happening over the last year on 64H servers. The fact that the server "stopped responding" during either the game session itself or still in the lobby. That was me, or more precisely my script, looping the server on purpose because it just detected this server instance hogging a full core.

Often it would happen that one server would slip through detection. Run hot and amok for a few hours, ultimately forcing the whole server machine to finally cave in and thermally shutdown in the middle of the night. I have let this slide for over a year and spontaneously have taken it upon myself to check custom maps that I have seen triggering this ("Isle of Man" is one of the culprits). But I have no results. Neither do I have the patience or time left over to have to make sure and observe manually whether OpenRA is going to be fine tonight or whether it will result in my whole server shutting down in the night without my knowledge.

So after a year of reading comments and feedback in the veins of this --> "JaZz' servers? Yeah they suck now, big time. They randomly kick me. Dunno what happened, they used to be one of the best..." All I can say to this is, well, we have enough servers now compared to 2015 when I started hosting and it's safe to say my services are no longer required.

Tournament and League related servers will of course remain as they do not feature any server breaking maps, and I still want to see this community grow. As well as the other mods, TD and dune2k. They are unaffected and shall stay, for now...

So long and thanks for the food. KCS

PS: I kind of want to apologize to everyone in person who my script has booted throughout the last year. As it was ultimately for naught. I have come to no conclusion whatsoever, sadly.
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Post by eskimo »

Glad to see the passworded servers still there, thanks for keeping them alive :D

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Post by Gatekeeper »

Jazz, thanks for all you have done thusfar, ofcourse nothing can last forever!
But glad to see you do still have our backs with RAGL and Tournament servers!

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Post by Doomsday »

Jazz is true hero. Respect!
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Post by noobmapmaker »

Yep, big thanks for thy servers/service!
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