Various issues with OpenRA for Mac

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Various issues with OpenRA for Mac

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Hi all,

Slow week at work so I am testing out OpenRA on my Mac

my first issue is that I accidentally set the window resolution too small and now i can't change it from within the application as the menu is cut off. On windows I could easily locate the settings.yaml and change it. All the documentation says that on Mac it should be at :

~/Library/Application Support/OpenRA/settings.yaml

but the OpenRA directory is no where to be found there..

2nd, is there a way to change setting for group units back to ctrl + # like it is on Windows? Really annoying to have to use Apple Key + #... not sure why this was changed for the Mac as Macs have a perfectly fine and functional ctrl key on their keyboards.

3rd, if I use Fullscreen mode, the mouse cursor doesn't seem to actually line up with where the game thinks the cursor is point... so then I switched to Fullscreen legacy... which for some reasonIi can't minimize/alt tab/ F11 to desktop or anything.. which is annoying so I switch it to windowed.. which is how i ended up with the first issue I mentioned.

Haha anyways, thanks for any sort of help or advice :-)

Happy holidays

*Edit* Nvm about the settings.yaml ... I found it. I 'm a bit of a Mac noob XD . still wondering about the other 2 issues, particularly setting unit groups

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