Who wants to do the Map Design Contest of 2018?

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Who wants to do the Map Design Contest of 2018?

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Hey everyone!

No I have not grown disgruntled or anything other negative stuff, I'm just more busy and no longer work night shifts in which I had many hours to do whatever I wanted. So... time is more precious and there are plenty of other OpenRA things that will keep me involved (PotS, RAGL games and a super secret tournament that I plan to hold in fall 2018 and that'll require a lot of work but it'll be nothing like the Dark Tournament.)

So I'm looking for someone else, or a couple persons, who enjoy creating a good set up for a map contest and executing it properly.

I prefer someone:
- who has proven to be a positive/constructive/contributing part of OpenRA
- who is interested in mapmaking and what makes a quality map
- who is willing to create a setup that takes into account the feedback of last season (= find a solution to combine 'keep mapmakers anonymous/have a honest process to pick a winner' AND 'allow mapmakers to incorporate feedback and playtests in their map')
- who does a set up where all kinds of maps can be entered. From 5 player FFA Dune2K maps to Red Alert missions to 1v1 TD compeitive maps. In my opinion all maps should be welcome and the original purpose of the Map Design Contest was to incite creativity and generate quality maps.

Im willing to support it as much as I can and donate $20 to the prizepool. Usually people will do casts with the maps and the result is nice: many nice new maps! So if you got the time and feel like it... let me know!
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