Relationship with the originals

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How would you classify your relationship with the original games?

Nostalgia - bring back the glory of the past.
Familiarity - respect for the originals but with limited past exposure.
Obscurity - no real insight with the originals, not really caring.
Total votes: 33

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Relationship with the originals

Post by SoScared »

It's now about 20 years since the official mods' original games were released to the PC. With the current player activity in OpenRA I'm curious where people are coming.

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Post by Smitty »

Nostalgia for me, but that doesn't mean I would disagree with a few 'untrue to the original' solutions to provide the best game experience.
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Post by flamewh33l »

it was nostaliga to begin with, but now it's become familarity with the use of new things while still having the aspect of looking like the original games. it'll be interesting to see what others have to say about it.

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Post by SirCake »

I know the original RA very well, and went back to it once or twice in the past for nostalgia.
But we all know that games age not so well in most cases and I would prefer OpenRA any day over RA.
Mostly for the "Open" and the hidden "Commuity".
The C&C series has allways been one with a strong and independent community.

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Post by AoAGeneral1 »

Big fan of Nostalgia. That is what brought me here in the first place ^^

To me keeping balance while keeping close to the originals is the way to go for these titles.

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Post by eskimo »

I don't understand the question if i'm honest. But going by the answers i'd say i'm here because of the nostalgia, but when i joined i wasn't aware this was that much different from CnCnet's. As i played i came to find this is a significantly better game multiplayer wise. And thats the reason i stay, ease of use, support, compatibility and the great community. I'm not sure how i feel about the game becoming or unbecoming similar of the original if it were to change more either way, however i'll be in support of the devs either way. If conflicts were to significantly arise between players and devs, i'll cross that bridge when it comes to it.

I think that answers your question.

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Post by Clockwork »

Watched JB play the originals when I was 7. One day he was like come play this game its a recreation of the old Red Alert, went alright and now i'm here :D

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Post by IronScion »

Played the original C&C missions (I had the big box PC gold edition, with the Dune disc as well, and the soundtrack), and dabbled with the skirmish in Red Alert later on. I could never get online matches to work on the old dial up, though I played a bit of Warcraft 2 that way at the time.

Came here really through nostalgia and a general love of mid-1990s gaming, not really understanding how different it was, but having always wanted to play online. Turns out it's awesome.
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Post by Chewey »

I used to spend hours playing RA when I was young and used to play 1v1 matches over dial-up with friends, only to have the game ruined by someone trying to use the phone . The old WW games will always be special.

Nostalgia for me was the key point to OpenRA. The community here is very kind and helpful, and the general maturity would suggest to me the average age of players would lean towards 30ish, and here for the same reason.

That being said, OpenRA blows the original out of the water IMO. I can't imagine going back to clicking every unit to build. ^^

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Post by noobmapmaker »

Familiarity, allthough I played the original to shreds. Visually -in terms of units, buildings and scenery- OpenRA should stay (imo) for 95% the same to keep the nostalgia feeling. At the backend it may be much more different in terms of game mechanisms, stats, gameplay, etc.

Agree with Smitty: if there is a change that would greatly improve the game, like WAY better, then it may be added in my opinion. But only with more or less unanimous consent and minimal impact on the visual aspect.
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Post by anjew »

I posted something similar asking where players came from but it might tie in nicely with this question ... 82&start=0

Problem is I was unable answer this poll, I have great nostalgia for the originals but I don't praise the originals (other than missions and the time it was created). The only other option implies limited exposure. It is in fact, over exposing myself to the original that has lead me further away. The multiplayer in most of the originals is abysmal, particularly Red Alert. It might be fine against your friends but at a competitive level it is not dynamic, unbalanced and can require just as much micro as Starcraft 2.

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Post by Doomsday »

I never played any of the original RA games other than single time during some lan party.
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Post by SirCake »

at being said, OpenRA blows the original out of the water IMO. I can't imagine going back to clicking every unit to build. ^^
RA1 multiplayer is like a workout :D One where you can be proud to have outlasted the opponent by more APM used for building, attacking, placing, building... afterwards.
Its almost like ritual action. And great for training to keep APM high over a 20 minute period ;P

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