Visually differentiate Nod's airstrike from GDI's.

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Visually differentiate Nod's airstrike from GDI's.

Post by epice »

Like, I dunno make it a long range artillery strike or something, since whens Nod got A-10's?

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Post by Blackened »

Isn't there a mission where Nod take's over an airbase? :>

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Post by avalach21 »

the airstrikes SUCKK in TD mod. I think they need to be totally reworked

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Post by GeneralMelon_gone »

I agree. They also especially suck in matches against AI. Every 2 minutes or something your entire army gets plane-bombed, precise and fast.

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Post by lucassss »

No one is forcing you to concentrate your army in one spot all the time.

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Post by GeneralMelon_gone »

1. The game mechanics support it
2. What you said is factually correct and yet I'd say it's irrelevant. To dodge airstrikes you need to move your units at all times and the air strikes will still kill most of them. Some people play against more than 1 AI too.
3. The AI is all-knowing, players are not.
4. AA doesn't even defend against air strikes what the hell.

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Post by AoAGeneral1 »

I can agree AI using airstrikes as this is an annoying thing to deal with even against multiple AI when having fun.

When it comes to vs other people the game itself does support it but it has the following issues that makes my skin boil:

They are randomly appearing out from where ever they like.

Meaning you have units at an edge of the screen and summon an airstrike. You can barely see the tick down box and they are striking the units in less then one second. Major problem I have with it. If something can be setup to have a directional choice or a set timer for their arrival would work.

The Nod artillery strikes is an interesting idea honestly and this would fix the Nod side as far as support power goes to have a fixed number. (At least I think it would). But the problem I would like to tackle first is the A10 issue.

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Post by Inq »

I'd like to see the air strike power reworked completely, in the original the planes come from different directions , drop some bombs, turn , drop some more, and then leave in a different direction.
The current implementation is like General's where three planes fly in a nice fast predictable formation, bomb the target and fly out without altering course at all.

As for Nod air strike, I don't really see an issue with it. Nod are not Soviet forces. They have access to most of the US arsenal of that time period (& some prototypes) (See F22, GDI chose to use the YF23)

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