Good maps you have come across recently?

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Good maps you have come across recently?

Post by zinc »

Any good maps produced (or noticed) recently?

For myself, I quite like "haos bridges" as a 2v2 adaptation of haos ridges.

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Post by Raishiwi »

Apocalypse Now was in the contest I believe and I love love love that map.

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Post by WhoCares »

seconded, i love the shore/swamp tiles game and the possibilities. (and i lost all my games on it so far)

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Post by OMnom »

No offense to the map maker of Apocalypse Now, but that is not a good map. It emphasizes the "get the MCV there first" mentality, it puts the attacker at a significant disadvantage with the speed reduction, and it buffs arty/AA/Hinds tremendously. In addition, the concrete oil derricks in the middle of the map has the same problem as the original Warwind where the oils were on the same path -- the game would snowball in favor of the player who won that engagement.

If the map maker is willing to take my suggestions:

-Add roads or solid paths so that players can maneuver around the swamps. Currently, there are no other options other than to go through the swamp as quickly as you can.

-Get rid of the oils in the middle and replace it with a thin, solid path connecting the two main spawns

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Post by camundahl »

Links? 8)

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Post by Mo »

"Trapped" from the map competition is a really fun one to play. Quite enjoyed it in the games so far had.

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