Ore truck behaviour

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Ore truck behaviour

Post by zinc »

Is there any way to lock the ore trucks to only use a particular refinery?

It's kind of annoying when a refinery is in use so rather than wait, they trundle off somewhere else.

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Post by abcdefg30 »

Sorry, I don't think you can do more than just ordering them to unload on the one refinery once. You could however wall the harvester in. :D

(I guess having more refineries would also help your problem with harvesters driving around the map.)

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Post by JuiceBox »

Just gotta keep paying attention to them dude. If it's when you transfer trucks from one patch to the other and they return home to Thier old refinery like a lost dog, what I tend to do is command stop then click the new ore field
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Post by Mo »

Another way I find if you're transitioning them is to tell the truck to deposit in the new refinery (even after depositing in the old one and is empty) followed by the new patch of ore you want it to go after. That way locking it to the new refinery.

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