My strream and progression in this game

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My strream and progression in this game

Post by Raishiwi »

So a bit of preface, I never did play any C&C growing up, though I played a lot of SC brood war. It wasn't until Smitty, who is in this seasons recruit division, had me watch some of his games. I had no idea what was going on, finally I downloaded it and went about it my own way. I've probably only put 15 hours or so of this game, so I'm looking for mid range players and anyone to spectate and help me out. So far the community has welcomed me with open arms. I will be streaming more often, including about an hour from this post. I'd love to give back to this community.

No shame sellout mode. my twitch is
I am a fairly long time streamer, but busy with work and family life so a partnership has been nearly impossible. If anyone chooses to, they may subscribe on my channel via gamewisp. All earnings from subscriptions and donations have generally went back to the stream in the form of giveaways which are tons of fun. Be sure to give me a follow and some clean advice![/url]

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Post by AoAGeneral1 »

Pretty cool stuff. You will get replies on strategies and what to do in ideas of strategy. ... _Q82G03wUg is one channel you can check out on ideas on what to do and gameplay moments.

Another streamer is SoScared. Try checking with him. Hope this stuff helps :D

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Post by klaas »

No shame in sell-out mode, welcome!

Make sure your stream is listed in the stickied thread in the forum...

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Post by Blackened »

Also maybe start a running thread here or post threads in the ORA subreddit. Even though I followed you on twitch I never seem to get the gone live message.

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