Deactivating some global sounds ?(Minelayers, medics, mecha)

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Deactivating some global sounds ?(Minelayers, medics, mecha)

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Deactivating some global sounds ?(Minelayers, medics, mecha)

Post by FRenzy »

Not very important issue, but ...

Some people complain about the clickety sound of the Minelayer while reloading.

I would add to that : the sound of medics, and mechanics. Why would they even make a sound ? They are not using noisy weapons.

These are cool sounds, it's part of RA, and I like it ... but from a gameplay point of view, it can reveal your position / army composition to the enemy.
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Post by Mo »

I understand the reasoning, on the other hand, the noise could play a psychological factor into the enemy's mind.

I myself would prefer to place mines in silence without the alerting the enemy but I understand the other stance as well. Whereby being on the other side, not knowing where the mines are being placed.

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Post by FRenzy »

True ! The psychological factor aspect can indeed play a role :)

For minelayers however, I think the global sound could quickly alert the enemy, who could then react by building a counter minelayer to escort his army, and detect the minefields. The surprise effect of mines is then suppressed.

I think the surprise effect of the mines acts as an even greater psychological factor on the enemy : he loses some units, he loses time reacting and building a counter minelayer, he doesn't know how large is the minefield, or if other regions are mined like you said, etc ...

Same reasoning for medics and mechas. Plus, add the position reveal of the army (although that can be a used as a lure ? ^_^ )

Sooooo I don't know ... I'm kinda hesitating between both options lol, but I'm leaning towards deleting these global sounds ^_^

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Post by CampinJeff »

At least in TD, crushing infantry in shroud should be silent along with the removal of "civilian killed". I've seen many APC rushes get foiled due to them accidentally crushing civilians and alerting the other player to its position. It also gives the other player the info as to what faction you are and what your starting units are.

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Post by FRenzy »

What is the civilian killed thing ? Audio message ?

(Maybe the sound you hear is their terrified cry as they see their fate coming :D )

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Post by noobmapmaker »

Personally I don't think they should be global sounds.
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Post by klaas »

The easiest way would just to remove all global sounds. I don't think there is need for them, and it seems a bit arbitrary.

Personally I don't care either way. Did the original RA1 have global sounds for the medic/engineer/minelayer?

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Post by Materianer »

I agree with the minelayersound and healer sound shouldnt be heard by enemys.
Often in early game when some rifleman are fighting and you hear the healer working you just know where they standing and you know someone could build a big infantry army..
Thats a bit unfair you can prepare for an early rush wich should'nt be like this.
That the minelayersound should'nt be heard is clear too because of same reason it just reveals your strat wich is lame.
I'm not really sure about if the mechanic sound should be removed from global sounds, because he is already really strong and a bit op in my opinion.

Althought i think mecha sound should'nt be removed i vote here for removing because this is an important thing for makeing early infantry rushes and minelayer better !!!

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Post by JuiceBox »

Am all for no global sounds. Like previously said minelayer clicks area dead give away and ruin the surprise

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Graion Dilach
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Post by Graion Dilach »

Neither of the sounds the topic brought up are global sounds, but the whole discussion is related to

TLDR: the sound distance code is bogus and it probably would make more sense to mute sounds under FoW instead.
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Post by FRenzy »

Graion Dilach wrote: TLDR
Basically, combat units are noisy and should make sounds.
Non-combat units shouldn't ^_^
(but open to debate, especially for minelayers and hijackers)
Graion Dilach wrote: mute sounds under FoW instead
I see two problems in here :
- if you get attacked by a ranged unit under FoW
- in FFA mode : it's interesting to hear a battle happening under FoW, although without knowing exactly what is happening. So you have to scout to find out.

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