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Discussion about the game and its default mods.
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OpenRA praise

Post by Truth »

there just isn't enough praise for the accomplishments and awesome things the dev's have done to OpenRA :/

so guys here is something that I love :) the multiplayer lobby is in my honest opinion really good :) its simple, it has a map whenever you click on the games! you have a chat bar (and i'm actually happy to see that there is only one of them because when there is more the player base is normally split up), you got a filter bar where everything you need is displayed and it's all so easy to get use to! This is pretty awesome for new players and easy to get into :) .... and then there is orabot lol XD please keep this AI in just for the hell of it, i know its useless to type ] games..... but.... idk XD {p.s could we have like... a ]playerstats day command where we can get a graph of daily player activity like in} [p.s.s i have no clue how that would work but that would be awesome]

I would go as far as to say it's better than RA3's, C&C 3/kanes wrath's and Tiberium twilight's multiplayer lobbies :)

feels alive whenever I mouse over any of the buttons... its like wowwww it responds by highlighting lol and and plussssss!!!! something i find great in the game lobby is you can bring up a filter bar and click AI vs Humans or add AI and even change the music! which is something sooo many more games should have! You don't need to log in with an account which is awesome for small communities (not for big) and means any new players won't even hesitate to start up and play a multiplayer game :D :D :D

well yeah... thats my rant XD
I know there are complaints about it and people want to add and take out stuff but ohh welllllll change it if you think you can make it better :)

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Post by Truth »

and lets face it!! who can forget how you can see d2k, RA1 and TD games all in one screen! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

- p.s i do agree that when new players come on and they see like... one game with 2 players out of 6 they might just want to uninstall soooooooooo have started games filter on by default lol XD

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Post by noobmapmaker »

I agree and just a shout out to the devs: thanks for making this real! I have had nights in which I thought "I would love to play that damn Red Alert again.." and then searched torrents only to install toolbars and rootkits.

The game is getting so much better every new release , often cant believe how much is added/tweaked/fixed/etc. Also want to say that this community is still awesome. So few annoying people and at the same time so many fun people. Big <3 <3 to the casters and youtube casters. Really enjoy the content you guys make!

My biggest wish regarding OpenRA:
- having accounts for players
- having one website where everything is together: player stats, forum, tournament results, stream/caster-content page ("Now Live SoScared", "New Zagzorn upload!", etc), Resource center, replay center.

(pie in the sky at this time, but a man can dream :) )
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Post by Murto the Ray »

OpenRA is my first RTS. I never played the original games or any big titles such as starcraft 2 or age of empires. But i love this game to pieces, i've spent countless hours playing 1v1s, 2v2s, 3v3s, 4v4s, 5v5s, 6v6s and so on. The sheer flexibility of OpenRA presents boundless opportunities for modders and players alike and the game is really well balanced and makes more units usuable than in the original games. This is really something special and its something that i can see growing well into the future. Well done devs :) ♥

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Post by jaymanxyz »

What a GREAT thread!

Thank you devs!

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Post by Norman_ »

[align=center][font=Stencil]openra forever[/font][font=Lucida Blackletter]%[/font] :bana: [/align] :eek: :P ;) :D :) :lol: :oops: :drunk: :angel:
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Post by AmericanBlunt_ »

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Post by -Jes- »

I'd praise OpenRA even more if they added the DOS/Demo iteration of the Commando's "You got it!" line. The one that's in the sounds.mix of Gold/every online download of the game is rather oddly cut.

Hell, make that his "Time to rock and roll" line too. They cut most sounds down a bit for Gold, but only those two got hit by 'shitty cutting' for some reason.

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Post by IronScion »

Yep. Massive thanks to everyone involved... I played the old C&C growing up, and a bit of Red Alert because my cousin had it and, like many of us I'm sure, so much of the game, the music, the sound effects, the vibe, stuck with me that whole time. I revisited it a few times on the N64 and the playstation (and Dune on the Mega Drive too), but this recreation has married everything I loved about the series with fantastic online functionality, and ongoing refinement that keeps it all so fresh. The concept of recalibrating all the units' attributes to balance it out and make every unit viable for use in online competition, is amazing. Viva openRA.

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