French Fakes

Feedback on Fake Power Plants, addition of Fake Service Depo

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French Fakes

Post by Henry_the_Slav »

Hey guys.
Last release brought to us fake power plants and their adv. version.

On github, SoScared already aksed for inclusion of fake Service Depot wwhich should serve as protection against scouting the tech, and thus the likely army composition of enemy. I am looking forward to the inclusion of this, but I feel like we could use some feedback.

Please, help us gather more info by stating your opinion on fakes, how often do you use them, how do you feel about recently added fake power plants and if you feel that fake service depot would help French player to disguise it's tech path better.

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Post by Mo »

When I've experimented with the French on the last release, especially 1 on 1, I'd sometimes time it with a fake radar after power-baracks-ref-factory-power-ref-fake radar- and actually make a depot instead.

So any scout by the enemy makes them think I'm going tech whilst I begin to amass an army instead. So having an opposite allows greater versatility to make an enemy think I am going to amass units and instead backs off.

Having both options would definitely reduce any over analysis by an opponent and would allow me to switch up the play style more easily and make my play less predictable ;)

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Post by SoScared »

Reason I asked for the fake Service Depot is that even tho the fake structures are currently useful, it's too much outside the player's mind when/if playing France. For myself, the fake Service Depot vs fake Radar Dome would without a doubt be included in my build order and would probably make me look more over other fakes as well.

The fake power plant is useful against general power downs and I guess spies but not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. The enemy spy would have to infiltrate the specific fake power plant and power snipers would kill off the fake power plant with minimal ammo in 0,1 seconds going "oh, lol, okay" :)

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Post by r34ch »


I would really like to see fake SDs make it into the game. Fakes are great early game to counter scouting if you opt for a defensive play-style.

The fake PPs are nice and all but a fake SD would be far more useful against experienced players.

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