Cruisers Unable to Force Fire?

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Cruisers Unable to Force Fire?

Post by the-zoidberger »

I noticed a odd quirk during a recent game....

After getting a few cruisers in place, I was unable to force fire on an enemy's base. I could clearly see the targets, but the cruisers would not fire. After my ally's fly spy plane over the enemy's base, I could briefly target and attack the base.

Is this intentional?
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Post by newwe »

Weird, I'm pretty sure cruiser's are supposed to be able to force fire, and I could in a single player test game I just tried, probably a freak bug/you were doing something wrong.

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Graion Dilach
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Post by Graion Dilach »

We've got a bug with turreted units incapable of firing under FoW and from the Spy Plane, I assume you ran into that.

It'll be fixed in the next playtest/release.
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Post by epice »

Yeah I experienced this bug too, cant target things under fog-of-war even with force fire.

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