Anti-Sea turret for both sides.

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Anti-Sea turret for both sides.

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So you know how it is, player A takes control of whatever body of water there is on the map. Then that's pretty much it, you have no chance of getting it back. The worst part is he can attack you're stuff the the short and all you can really do is just sell it all or try to use artillery to defend with, but that;s not very effective.

So what there should be is a land-base anti-sea defense. Just a special turret that can only shoot at boats/subs and does good damage to them.

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Post by Mo »

What about fighting back asymmetrically?

If you've lost the sea portion due to negligence, either many teslas (soviet positive against allies navy) or completely focus on the land battle as your opponent fully pumped for the naval.

Of course I'm assuming we're not talking about purely naval maps in this case.

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Post by PersianImmortal »

You can get sea dominance back it's just a pain in the ass

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PersianImmortal wrote: You can get sea dominance back it's just a pain in the ass

Yep it's certainly possible. And actually, surely there should be some reward for doing early naval? Early naval will slow down your economy and your build up of other units. It's therefore a tactical choice to make what you want to focus on.

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