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OpenRA Lobby filters

Post by dzine »

OpenRA Lobby filters

Currently waiting empty and protected are enabled as defaults that the game resets to every time you start it up

This is realy realy annoying ! in clickety clickety click annoying

this should change to Waiting, started and empty

As this would give a very clear picture of whose doing what with the most common, popular and occupied rooms at the top.
Note: Only a tiny% of games are protected, and u need to know the password to join them. Thus this minority activity should be shown lowest on the list.

If the lobby remembered your last preferences and didnt automatically reset to 'uncommon filter preferences' then EVERYONE would be much happier

.....a lot less clickety click thank you very much

One click is often one click too many

Ps can i have my 1000+ uneeded clicks back allready ???

Information should be in priority order.
the needs of the many 'eyes' outweigh the needs of the few.

Waiting ( protected)
Playing (protected)

*if the lobby was soooo full that you had to 'shock horror' scroll down to host new game then there would also likeley be a dozen games'at the top' u could join and thus your'e not very likley to need to host new one...see the reasoning ?

If this was done then the open RA community would save itself a million wasted clicks a year !!!

off to chew a Lemon LLAP

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Post by xan2622 »

This idea has already been suggested on Github : there is an issue about it.

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Post by Truth »

problem with that is that the usage of servers will go down quickly because most new players would never think to turn on empty.
Slowly it will make servers completely un-used until they are at one point taken out of the game

A better solution would be to just have the game remember what setting you left the lobby server selector on *problem solved* *everyone's happy*.

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Post by dzine »

ref new players would never think to turn on empty

there is nothing to turn on !!!

its all listed in priority just scroll down

new players will overwhelming join existing games hosted by experinced players...80% of games are hosted by 20% of players

....then onece one has 'discovered' filters the one can start unlisting stuff via the filters

RULE = Do not hide that which should not be hidden

RULE = Do not list information in wrong priority order

ps , i put 'empty' far down the list becuase most rooms are empty most of the time AND THAT is not the 'issue' ....the issues is presenting the end user with 'information' prioritised to make life easy for afformentioned end user

By all means put empty at the top...and force 90% of the people to scroll down down down 90% of the time....scrolly scrolly scrolly

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