'Colour was too similar to x, and has been adjusted'

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winftw wrote:
epicelite wrote: Ok we just remove color pallet and add only pre-selected colors to choose from!
You may be joking but I believe having a fixed player color palette actually solves all of our problems.

- Players can't pick the same color
- No color can conflict with terrain
- All colors are visible on the minimap (minimap color scheme needs to be adjusted accordingly)
- Colors can have just the right saturation and brightness to blend in with the rest of the game world (i.e. no more dark murky shades of poop)

Maybe just use westwood's colors because they've probably been chosen by some professional graphics designer.
Each mod obviously needs a slightly different set of player colors because the tilesets aren't the same.

There is one potential problem though. What if there are more players than available colors?
Westwood ignored that problem because you can't play westwood games with 10+ people. Having so many players in a RTS game makes no sense anyway.
But there is an easy workaround:
Every time the amount of players exceeds the amount of available player colors the game could just produce intermediate colors from the existing colors and thus double the size of the palette.

I think it would be cool if the host of the game could choose which colors are allowed, if the host deems it to be necessary.

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I agree with winftws point. I really like the free color choice and it would be sad to see it removed. :cry:

Giving the opportunity for players to override enemy colors or simply changing the way they are displayed on the minimap would be great opportunities to solve the problem with camouflage colors.

also I guess picking that kind of colors is just not fair play so the host should just point that out before the match.

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