Running OpenRA server on an Android Device

I did it!

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Running OpenRA server on an Android Device

Post by Dan9550 »

So i've managed to get an OpenRA Dedicated Server running on two different android devices:
HTC Legend, 600Mhz, 384MB RAM, Debian Squeeze
Galasy S III, 1.4Ghz Quad Core, 1GB RAM, Ubuntu 12.04

So here is a small guide on the process of doing this for anyone interested.

1. Make sure you have already done the following
Rooted your device
Preferably have a Custom ROM like Cyanogenmod install since generally custom ROMs leave more resources available on the system.

2. Start by installing this app ( ... xonandroid) so you can install linux on your android device (i recommend Ubuntu).

Simply follow the instructions the app provides, i used the core system image, and did all the configuration through SSH.

3. Once you have booted into linux do the following to change your root password, and update the system.

Code: Select all

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
4. At this point you have a linux box running on your phone so the setup process is the same as it would normally be. So you can use the attached shell script, or configure the server yourself manually.

That's it now you have an OpenRA server running on Android :D. I have also attached an init.d script for those who wish to have there server automatically start when the linux thing boots.

Some after thoughts and notes:
  • It could be an idea to enable Swap on your Android device but it probably is not needed.
  • Keep your charger plugged in this will use a bit of power.
  • I haven't looked into it much but i think its possible to setup reverse tethering on Android which means your server could be connected with a cable rather than wifi.
  • Also if your using an older device (or a device with an ARMv6) you will need to run Debian Squeeze you can use Debian Kit ( ... debian_kit) to install it.
If anyone has any comments or improvements feel free to post them below.
Dedicated Server init.d script
(2.04 KiB) Downloaded 233 times
Dedicated Server install script
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Its running!
Its running!
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Post by ihptru »

good guide,
but is there any real reason to use such a device which costs quite a bit for openra dedicated server?

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Post by Dan9550 »

Well yes, but the idea is someone may have an android phone lying around after upgrading to a new one.

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Post by knivesron »

android phones are cheap .... if you buy them through me. can get a sweet dual core for a little over $200 NZD. If any one is interested give my a pm

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