ideas to round up the balance

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ideas to round up the balance

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here my ideas in very bad english :\

1.interfering transmitter building to hide buildings and vehicles in an smal radius against the allied sattlite.this jammer blocks also chronoshift in an smal can be build on land and cost many credits and energy.
2.the mobile version of it,smaler range than the building but a little less credit cost.

1.sonic beam turrent
when it shot on something that is very high amored it stop it because its increased the weight of the target.
here an example
troops+sonic beam = -10% rate of fire and -10% of move speed
tank + sonic beam = -25% rate of fire and -25% of move speed
its very effective agains an tank with iron curtain its make 40% rate of fire and -40% of move speed .it can be beuild on water and land.
the turrent cost many energy and credits AND only one target can be effected by an shoot,because one shoot lasts for 20 secounds ^^
the turrent has an larger range than the normal turrent because there is no mobile version of it.BUT an shoot on an flying target or an ship is after the 20 secounds and instand kill.

both allied and soviets has

1.anti atomic rocket-rockets XD

so you must build an defence silo
its cost many money and energy but not so many as an atomic silo
than you can build rockets in it like tanks in the tank factory.
but only 2 maximal
when an enemy shot an atom bomb in the defence radius of you defence silo an rocket starts automatic and kill the atom bomb
dont forget to build new defence rockets or sometime an A-bomb land in your headquater XD

so thats my super weapon balancing ideas i hope you like it :D

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