Modding is really cool.

Discussion about the game and its default mods.
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Modding is really cool.

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Today I messed about and after a little bit of work I made:

-Most units capable of transporting infantry
-An armor transporting Chinook
-Hovertanks that cross water
-An MCV yard that could carry infantry. (think about this one for a little while and realise why it's a bad idea and why our hearts go out to the brave soldiers who tested it)

A couple apaches, a cloaked one, a hover-apache (that doesn't cost as much and goes faster) and then the standard one. I really fear for the GDI's lives at this stage.

I'm impressed at how stable modding is (when you get it right of course) so good work there :)

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Regarding this topic, is there a way to implant your own music? And how do custom maps work? Are they downloaded from the host or does everyone need it installed?

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It would be cool if you'd add extra sides that would function as sub-factions of the Allies and Soviets, a bit like Zero Hour's "Generals."

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I'm a bigger fan of Tiberium Dawn, so I'm sticking with that, on the subject of maps and music I have no idea. I'm completely new to modding for OpenRA and it's really really awesome.

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Custom music can be added by editing Music.yaml for the appropriate mod. The format is <filename without the .aud extension>:<song title>
The music must be in .aud format, and can be put in scores.mix in the packages directory, or as loose files in the mod directory.

We don't yet support automatic transfer of maps - everyone must have the map installed before they join the server. This is a feature we plan on adding in a later version.

Subfactions are already implemented and supported by the game engine, but we only have one faction per "race" in the default mods.

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