A mention of the engine on cplus.about.com

Discussion about the game and its default mods.
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A mention of the engine on cplus.about.com

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http://cplus.about.com/b/2010/09/06/ope ... -clone.htm
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By David Bolton, C / C++ / C# Guide

Open-RA - Open Source Command & Conquer Clone
Monday September 6, 2010

I recently came across an open source version of Command & Conquer Red Alert written in C# and cross-platform via mono. Open-RA is just somebody's hobby project and is still at alpha stage but very impressive and certainly worthy of inclusion in the C# games code.

It's only a 2MB download (the exe) but it fetches 35MB more over the Internet. Although at alpha stage, it supports multi-player play or against bots on your own local server.

So it got me wondering, do you do recreational programming, which includes entering contests on here and elsewhere or are you working on a project? I think there are a lot of recreational projects out there. As with the projects looking for help, if you want to write a paragraph describing your project, technologies used (only restriction must be C, C++ or C#) and a link to a website or email address and I'll compile a list of them. Meanwhile the Open-RA team is also looking for assistance so if you feel like contributing...

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