Ridiculous bots

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Ridiculous bots

Post by whateverycare »

Hey guys, I'm just writing this post to ask the devs to soften the aggressiveness of the bots a little. I played Red Alert as a kid and the bots weren't that aggressive. Now I come back to OpenRA every two years or so just to delete it after several days because it feels like I was racing without really putting any thought to what I was doing (the thing that you usually do in a strategy game). I set two bots, a large map, and after several minutes I've got like 600 kills while the bots have around 300, because they are busy sending waves of whatever they produce on me. Speaking of which, humans are unable to deploy buildings as fast as bots. And are unable to operate units as fast as bots.We need movement, we need to press a key, we need to move the map, the bots do it all at the same time. How are we supposed to compete with that? Sure, you can beat bots if you are some hardcore OpenRA gamer but most people don't want to get to that level. That level isn't fun. Remember that word?

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Re: Ridiculous bots

Post by tux »

OpenRA bots are actually very, very easy to beat; you don't need to be anything close to a hardcore gamer to beat them. You can join the OpenRA academy server to learn the game: https://tinyurl.com/oraacademy

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Re: Ridiculous bots

Post by Punsho »

Bots should be fairly weak. But if you still find it tough handicap options were made for this specific reason. You can put them on bots in the skirmish lobby

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Re: Ridiculous bots

Post by Polar »

Think the AI for bots comes from the time the Original Command and Conquer game was build and released. Feel free to make it more advance. I think there are perhaps on resource center different AI's, but not sure.

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