Build Changelog

Official announcements from the developers.
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Post by hamb » Sat Oct 20, 2012 6:54 pm

  • Engine:
    • General performance improvements
    • Added a setting to change sound engine, Sound:Engine: AL ("AL" uses OpenAL, "Null" gives no sound)
  • Both Mods:
    • Warn lobby when a client joins with DEV_VERSION
    • Produced units attack-move to their rallypoint
    • New CloakPaletteEffect trait to add shimmer effect to cloaked units
    • Cargo trait allows for initial passengers when units are built
    • Buildings now take 10 seconds to be captured
    • Capture time length is adjustable
    • Custom starting units can be used for each faction
    • Main menu no longer vanishes after a lobby disconnect
    • Fixed crash selling/capturing buildings simultaneously
    • Fixed crash in StartGame if there were unvalidated connections
    • Improved error messages given with bad MiniYaml indentations
  • Red Alert:
    • Added Spy to Allies
      • Infiltrates refinery to steal 50% of players cash, minimum $500
      • Infiltrates radar dome to reset exploration for enemy team
      • Can assassinate enemy units with force-fire
    • Added Gap Generator to Allies
    • Tanya made exclusive to Allies
    • Artillery explode chance lowered to 75%
    • Flamethrower has new flame art
    • Pillbox includes a garrisoned riflemen when built, and other infantry can garrison the structure
    • Camo pillbox removed
    • Normal AI removed
    • New AI: Rommel and Zhukov
      • Rommel is a modified Hard AI focusing on artillery and V2, and few light vehicles
      • Zhukov is a turtle, but sends large attacks with artillery and V2
    • Added map: Tainted Peak (Nukem)
    • Removed maps: Daejeon, Mjolnir, No Fly Zone
    • Fixed bug letting passengers shoot from transports
  • C&C:
    • A10s speed increased, Napalm Drop damage increased
    • Chinooks now carry up to 10 passengers
    • Sight of all infantry increased by 1
    • Chem Warrior/Flamethrower/Grenadier damage vs certain armor types increased
    • Chem Warrior will walk through tiberium instead of pathing around it
    • Artillery attack range doubled
    • Guard Tower attack range decreased by 1
    • MCV and Construction Yard sight increased
    • Construction Yard armor type changed to Heavy from Wood
    • Harvester armor type changed to Heavy from Light
    • Proability of SpawnVisceriod from 10% to 2%
    • Reduced damage and size of Grenadier death explosions
    • Units do not attack buildings when attack-moving or idle, exception made for defensive structures
    • Lots of AI changes
    • Removed nuke crate, hide-map crate
    • Fixed crash viewing replays
    • Fixed radar not being shown during replay

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Post by hamb » Sat Oct 20, 2012 6:55 pm

  • Engine:
    • General performance improvements
    • Health.MaxHP is no longer read-only
    • #Comments can be used at end of any lines in yaml files
    • Better error messages for duplicate yaml fields
    • Fixed RenderCargo support for relative altitude
  • Both Mods:
    • Add banlist setting (Server: Ban: IP1, IP2, IP3)
    • Missiles lose guidance and run out of remaining fuel if the target dies
  • Red Alert:
    • Added setting to change CashTick sound frequency when producting structures
    • Re-added camo pillbox for Allies to be garissonable and stealthed
    • Change cargo ownership if capturing actors with cargo
    • Fixed spy resetting exploration if infiltrated enemy had GPS
    • Cannot capture building if yourself or ally is already capturing it
    • Barrels are no longer capturable/sellable
    • Minor AI improvements
  • C&C:
    • Exposed option to toggle shellmap
    • MRLS cost increased to 1200
    • APC gun damage increased
    • Several building hitpoints increase/decreased
    • Several units movement speed adjusted
    • Landed helicopters made targetable by units
    • Mammoth Tank has an 8 second cooldown before regenerating hp
    • Add new Chemball explosion
    • Re-ordered build menu
    • Production hotkeys changed from YUIOP to QWERT
    • Fix crash loading yaml for ArtilleryShell.ContrailLength

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Post by hamb » Sat Oct 20, 2012 6:58 pm

  • Engine:
    • Add --transpose option to Utility
    • Allow --transpose to do multiple operations in one pass
    • Added category headers in editor (RA temperate theme only)
    • Added selection tool in editor for use with copy-pasting terrain
    • Added tilesetbuilder2 and fixed it for Dune 2000
    • Added tilesetbuilder command line
    • Added tileset extractor
    • Upgraded Visual Studio solution to 2010
    • Tons of performance improvements
    • Prevent too many instances of a single sound playing at once
    • Order results from FindByTilesInCircle by distance
    • Added new data types for cell and pixel coordinate pistion/vectors
    • Fixed issue where port in direct connect was dumped to default by force
    • Fixed pathfinding for units heading in opposite directions to prevent pathing deadlocks
    • Fixed volume and scrollspeed being different from their saved scale at game start
  • All Mods:
    • Added basic dedicated server support
    • Added UPnP support for multiplayer
    • Added option to pause the game (F3 key)
    • Added SimpleTeleport for non-chrono jumps for mission scripting
    • Added WaitFor(predicate) for mission scripting
    • Added support for mission objectives
    • Added indicator to show who is admin of a lobby
    • Added map size label to map chooser
    • Added support to set up player required slots for maps
    • Added hover behavior for all units. Give a unit a nonzero Altitude: in its Mobile: block and the WithShadow: trait to make it hover
    • Allow building speed to be set by CustomSellValue trait
    • Bots are forcefully removed from maps which do not allow them
    • Ignore spectators for lobby readiness check
    • Added CloakInfo.UncloakOnMove option
    • Made UnloadCargo.unloadAll configurable, using all by default
    • Support targetlines for defenses
    • Setting for Capturable trait to waste engineer after capturing a building or not
    • Fixed unloading of infantry from cargo vehicles to be spread out instead of one subcell
    • Fixed crates not being picked up when dropped on a unit
    • Fixed being able to repair when eliminated
    • Fixed spectator chat not using contrast
    • Fixed crash cycling stances while a unit dies
    • Fixed crash spawning corpse for actor which has already been destroyed
    • Fixed filtering of passengers to show with RenderCargo
    • Fixed incorrect working "locks" when capture/sell building races happened
    • Fixed radar click position
    • Fixed shift-tab keyboard shortcut in build palette
    • Added mouse-wheel support for flipping tabs in build palette
    • Harvesters:
      • No longer block each other during low-ore contention and wait for a random amount of time to search for more resources.
      • Refineries show which harvesters are linked by holding down the ALT key.
      • Fixed harvesters for AI to search the entire map when no more resources nearby
      • Made search radius configurable for both initial search from refinery, and search from harvest location
      • Harvesters will return to ordered-to location if told to harvest a specific cell while full after delivery instead of the last successfully harvested cell which may be far away
    • Fixed notable issues when trying to play FMVs
  • Red Alert:
    • Added two missions - Allies01 (single player) and Allies02 (co op)
    • Added new tiles for use in the Temperate theatre, made by Harrison
    • Added new crashed helicopter SHPS
    • Added Hospital & Bio Lab yaml definitions
    • Reenabled PrimaryBuilding support for airfield and helipads
    • Fixed chrono not killing passengers on return
    • Fixed missing chrono effects on unit return
    • Fixed tesla coil ignoring weapon offset
    • Fixed some HackyAI issues, such as having a tank husk fetish
    • Fixed some incorrect/missing music strings in music.yaml
    • Fixed broken Install from CD code
    • Fixed another zombie aircraft bug
    • Balance (General):
      • Added a heal crate (heals all of your units on map, rare occurrence)
      • Removed nuke crate
      • Nuke was made a lot more powerful
      • Nuclear explosions now destroy ore
      • Repair cost for units is always at least 1 per tick
      • Radar Dome cost increased from 1400 to 1600
      • Service Depot cost increased from 1000 to 1200
      • War Factory armor type changed from Heavy to Wood
      • Sam Site/AA Guns will no longer shoot at crashing aircraft
      • Barrel explosions are now more deadly, and chain explosions explode with a delay
      • Churches made garrisonable by Sniper infantry
    • Balance (Soviet):
      • Added Sniper - cloaked infantry with HoldFire stance by default
      • Added Volkov - elite unit meant to replace Tanya
      • Added Demo Truck - armed with a lower damage nuke
      • Mammoth Tank self heal now goes up to 80% health
      • Mammoth Tank turret rotation was slowed down
      • Mammoth Tank tusk rate of turn was doubled
      • Tesla Tank cost lowered from 1500 to 1350
      • Airfield armor changed from Heavy to Wood
      • Airfield cost increased from 300 to 500
      • Iron Curtain duration increased from 10 to 15 seconds, and can't use on enemy units
    • Balance (Allies):
      • Added Chronotank - tank that can "jump" within range of itself
      • Tanya - Colt45 attack range increased from 5.75 to 7
      • Transport Heli - Cost lowered from 1200 to 900, increased hp, increased cargo count to 8
      • AA Gun cost increased from 600 to 800
      • Helipad cost increased from 300 to 500
    • Added map: Ice Woods (Tirili)
    • Added map: Nishnekolymsk (Tirili)
    • Added map: Bomber John (Holloweye)
    • Added map: Bloody Delta (Holloweye)
    • Added map: Room-Warzone (Sunny_S)
    • Added map: Chaos Canyon (Nukem)
    • Added map: Forest Path (Gnx)
    • Updated map: Free Coasts (Ihptru)
    • Replaced map Baywatch with Hasselhoff (Nukem/Zypres)
  • C&C:
    • Added A10 crash site SHP to terrain (via Nyerguds)
    • Balance:
      • Tank shells do 100% vs armor again, turret buffed
      • MRLS issues fixed
    • Sonic Tank moved to end of build menu
    • Fixed structure build menu orders in general
    • Fixed Biolab did providing Visceriod after being captured
    • Fixed tooltips not showing on the build menu
    • Do not shade possible build items in CNC if something else is building
  • Dune 2000:
    • Added Dune 2000!

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Post by lkRaven » Sun Dec 02, 2012 3:37 pm

I've been following this for a longtime but only played it proper over this weekend. I am really impressed by what you guys are doing.

One feature that should be supported by the framework is the ability to focus on groups when you double press the group suortcut. Also the ability to focus on the Construction Yard when pressing H is would be great.

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Post by Matt » Mon Dec 03, 2012 9:55 am

lkRaven wrote: Also the ability to focus on the Construction Yard when pressing H is would be great.
According to Backspace does that.

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Post by epice » Sat Feb 02, 2013 8:33 pm

Sooooo whats in the newest playtest? Where is the changelog?

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Post by Scott_NZ » Sat Feb 02, 2013 9:05 pm

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Post by Aner1181 » Sun Feb 03, 2013 7:54 pm

Great thanks for Doune2000!

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Post by DoMiNaNt_HuNtEr » Sun Feb 24, 2013 3:21 am

The changelist for jan's new build says
Added hotkeys for aircraft, vehicles, ships, infantry
What does this mean? What are the hotkeys?

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Post by xan2622 » Fri Aug 09, 2013 6:59 pm

Does someone have the changelog of the Playtest 20130804 ?
Thank you

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Post by Scott_NZ » Sat Aug 10, 2013 12:27 am will always have the current version's changelog.

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Post by Matt » Sat Aug 10, 2013 8:29 am

xanax wrote: Does someone have the changelog of the Playtest 20130804 ?
Thank you ... t-20130804 has it with screenshots.

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Post by Matt » Wed May 28, 2014 11:03 am

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