Possible names for ammopool

Need some help with naming about nine or ten ammo pools on a unit

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Possible names for ammopool

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I'm working on a mod where every vehicle, aircraft and defensive structure can garrison one infantry unit and depending on which unit type is loaded inside, the weapon changes, and with it, the ammo pool (amount of ammo and pip colour is different with every weapon).

So far I have noticed that accepted names for an ammo pool are-


Can someone please tell me if the list of possible names is bigger than this, and what they would be.
Thanks in advance!

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Re: Possible names for ammopool

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You can give pools any name you like, they just need to be defined on the reload traits etc. as well. (See https://docs.openra.net/en/latest/release/traits/ for what accepts ammo pool names, you can string search for "pool" on that page.)

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