Cannot build openra

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Cannot build openra

Post by jsb »

I'm trying to build OpenRA on OpenMandriva Lx 4.1 and keep getting the same error message every time. I've looked at the list of dependencies required and installed them, I've even installed the Mono packages from OpenMandriva's repo's.

But I keep getting the following error message:

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make[1]: Entering directory '/tmp/ra2-master/engine'
/bin/sh: msbuild: command not found
make[1]: *** [Makefile:174: cli-dependencies] Error 127
I've looked for a package with "msbuild" in it, but I cannot find any packages with such an executable for Linux in it. I've even installed the devel package for mono, but it still cannot find any "msbuild" executable on my system - and there isn't any executable by that name on my system either.

And the same thing happens whether I download it from the openra website directly or github.

Where do I get "msbuild" from for OpenMandriva????????????????????? Or, how in the hell do I compile OpenRA on OpenMandriva???????????????????

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Re: Cannot build openra

Post by Sleipnir »

msbuild is supposed to be provided as part of mono, but this has historically been quite difficult for distros to package so many have not bothered. This makes the distro-provided packaging useless for developing .NET applications, so you will need to find a way to install the upstream packages from ... wnload-lin

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