How to add AI/bots to Tiberian Dawn custom map

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How to add AI/bots to Tiberian Dawn custom map

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I couldn't find any 'options' in the map editor for Tiberian Dawn to add AI / bots to the map.

I figured I had to add the (un)packed construction yard to positions on the map. I couldn't select or set any 'teams' anywhere either.

There's only 'Creeps' and 'Neutral' I believe.

I couldn't find any instructions anywhere on the internet either, or is there some documentation?

I was secretly hoping it could all be done in the editor, I'm not the coding type of guy.


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Re: How to add AI/bots to Tiberian Dawn custom map

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Sadly this is currently not possible to do via the ingame editor. You would have to save the map as unpacked, then go to the folder and edit "map.yaml" and add "Team: <number>" and "Bot: <botname>" to each player definition. Then you need to go back to the editor and save the map as packed again.
Example (untested):

Code: Select all

		Name: Neutral
		OwnsWorld: True
		NonCombatant: True
		Faction: allies
		Name: Creeps
		NonCombatant: True
		Faction: allies
		Enemies: Multi0, Multi1
		Name: Multi0
		Playable: True
		Faction: Random
		Team: 1
		Enemies: Creeps
		Name: Multi1
		Playable: False
		Faction: Random
		Bot: rush
		Team: 2
		Enemies: Creeps

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