[Query/Suggestion] UI Scale?

User interface size scale

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[Query/Suggestion] UI Scale?

Post by TheTopMostDog »

Howdy guys!
I recently upgraded to a 1440p monitor and I'm finding the ingame UI a tad on the small side.
I haven't seen any UI scale settings, nor have I found any threads talking about this. Maybe I'm overlooking something? Any help would be appreciated.
If it doesn't exist, consider this a feature suggestion.

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Re: [Query/Suggestion] UI Scale?

Post by Sleipnir »

There is a long-standing GitHub issue about this (#10382), but it needs major changes to the game renderer before it can be completed. Some of the work for this has already happened, and there are a couple of major tasks in progress that should further help. Unfortunately the problem is still too open ended to be able to predict when it can be fixed properly.

If you are running Windows or Linux and have your desktop configured to use 200% display scaling there is a hidden setting that you can toggle to double the size of the UI. This won't work if you use a fractional scaling like 125% or 150%.

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