Desert map - could be single player

completed map with a plan, but no LUA scripting knowledge

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Desert map - could be single player

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Being C&C fan from my youth i really like Open RA project. Great work guys.

I made a large map for single player only to figure out that a lot of LUA scripting is required to make good SP map and not much can be done
with internal MAP editor regarding this matter. As i would have to start from scratch it would take too much time to learn it ( for now :( )

So i made all terrain and placed all buildings i wanted so it could be kinda playable as a skirmish game with correct settings.

Picture of the start position:

So if someone is interested in scripting this here is the basic scenario for the map (if you want to try it, please read "skirmish settings" below):

You arrive to the map bottom left trought narrow passage to rebuild old damaged base which is under attack.
There is rumor of smuglers force which may hold some valuables. They seem to smugle oil and weapons around the area.
Also somewhere around are freedom fighters sending the troops to fight local opressors (russians) that are devided into three areas on the map.
You could ally with the if you find them.

All around are barricades and guards that may send reinforcements if they see you.

Main goal is to capture three BIO LABS in the area, but before that you must infiltrate russian tech center to gain info about their locations.

(there are far more details if anyone would like to script it for real :) )

- player 1 and 2 are allies.
- player 1 (you) starts at location E (bottom left) is country from Allied forces.
- player 2 (your CPU ally) starts at location A (bottom middle) is county from Allied forces.

- player 3, 4 and 5 are allies at locations C, B and D and are Russians or Ukraine
- recommended cash start is 2500 credits
- cash crates are scattered around the map at smuglers areas
Please note that primarily this map was not meant for skirmish and may not be as much enjoyable at all because of strange CPU logic not attacking you
as it should. Could be problem with some narrow passages.

Map download (SandAndRock.oramap):


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Re: Desert map - could be single player

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You should use the OpenRA Resource Center to store your map tbh.

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Re: Desert map - could be single player

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That looks like a really nice map, and probably fun mission! Unfortunatly scripting all the events and debugging errors is a process that takes alot of time and effort, so the chance of someone coding this for you is tiny.

And indeed, use to upload your maps.

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Re: Desert map - could be single player

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Ok, uploaded.

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