ERCC Implementation Map Editor

How to Implement custom Rules such as ERCC. Game Crashes when i implement a custom Rule

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ERCC Implementation Map Editor

Post by ExxY »

Hey guys,

I recently got an Message about some maps i've made
That they would crash due to sync Problems.

I've tested them with Friends.. and once with some random Players. I didn't had any Crashes..

Yesterday what so ever, i've tried it again 2 times and when ever the game begins, a random player "Pauses" the game, and shortly afterwards the whole game crash. :?

I Implemented the ERCC mod from another map which already got ERCC in it.
I just Copied the rules-ERCC.yaml

Code: Select all

		Image: ref-bot
		Footprint: ==x === x==
		Dimensions: 3,3
		LocalCenterOffset: 0,0,0
		DockAngle: 768
		DockOffset: 1,1
		Actor: HARV
		SpawnOffset: 1,1
		Facing: 768
		Bounds: 72,45,0,-14
		DecorationBounds: 72,77,0,-15
		Sequence: topsolid
		RequiresCondition: !cloak
		Condition: critical
		EnabledSounds: kaboom1.aud
		ValidDamageStates: Critical
		Condition: cloak
		Sequence: topsolid
		Palette: cloak
		IsPlayerPalette: true
		RequiresCondition: cloak
		TargetableOffsets: 560,-1152,0  , 880,-630,0
		Type: Rectangle
			TopLeft: -1536, -768
			BottomRight: -256,-256
		TargetableOffsets: 1400,1152,0  ,   1720,630,0
		Type: Rectangle
			TopLeft: 256, -1536
			BottomRight: 1536, -256
		TargetableOffsets: -560,1152,0  , -800,630,0
		Type: Rectangle
			TopLeft: 256, 256
			BottomRight: 1536, 768
		TargetableOffsets: -560,-1152,0  ,  -800,-630,0
		Type: Rectangle
			TopLeft: -1536, 256
			BottomRight: -256, 1536

		Name: cloak
		BasePalette: player
		Alpha: 0.45

		ValidRelationships: enemy

	Inherits@PROC: ^AffectsPROC
	Inherits@PROC: ^AffectsPROC
		Condition: cloak
		ValidRelationships: enemy, neutral, ally
		Range: 1c512
		RequiresCondition: !moving
		Condition: moving

		Image: fire
		Sequence: 1
		IsDecoration: True
		Step: -300
		StartIfBelow: 101
		Delay: 8
and Added an extra line in the map.yaml to execute the new rule...

Code: Select all

Rules: rules-ERCC.yaml, rules-briefing.yaml, lobby-rules.yaml

Sequences: sequences-ERCC.yaml"
Might that be the Problem?
Did i Implement it wrong? Do i have to do some Adjustments to it?
If so, how do i implement that Mod the right way?
And why does it work With Bots, or with some players like my friends without any Problem?

A player told me i should Inspect the log files but,
I have no knowledge about or how to debug the logs.

There are no Tutorials or How to's available ATM. And i didn't find any Posts about that here in that forum or in Discord either.

Might someone help me please?


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Re: ERCC Implementation Map Editor

Post by Blackened »

it looks like maybe you copied the code from a map that had light tank husks removed (which is already part of the current release) and that is messing it up. If you remove that I think itll work.

Additionally when a game crashes the it should say OpenRA encountered a fatal error and will allow you to look at the logs. From there it will be the newest exception log that will show what went wrong. You can go there yourself by finding wherever maps stored and accessing the log folder in the parent folder.

Lastly, you can run the lint checker with the openra utility. Or when you upload the lint checker will also show what is wrong.

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Re: ERCC Implementation Map Editor

Post by ExxY »

Nope.. i managed to fix the Bugs which were displayed by "lint"
But the game still crashes right after i start it :(

Im rly confused
Time has changed. But Memories are still the same!

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