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Red Alert Global League: Season 11 - Weekly Highlights

Posted: Mon Oct 18, 2021 11:35 am

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Weekly Highlights

Week 1

Continuing from last season I'm going to try to produce a highlights package in a spoiler-free way. I'll try to include links to any casts on YouTube as well as picking out some games that I think were the most interesting to watch. Although this is the quietest week according to the schedule, it's still been a really busy first week with 18 matches being played, two players season forfeiting (Moods and Blackened*) and two map pack updates (due to a misplaced spawn in Dirge).

Masters Match of the Week

The two Minion's finalists from last season played their match a week early and it was a pretty special one.

Goremented vs Pinkthoth (Masters)
Cast by Kaution:
Game 1: ... 17f317f002
Game 2: ... 63a5a87628

Best of the Rest

Newcomer Gajcus has been working his way up the ladder. This week he played several matches, including one against Unano (maceman) who last featured in RAGL in Masters in S06.

Gajcus vs maceman (Minions Bravo)
Cast by Kaution:
Game 1: ... f7e19e82ab
Game 2: ... 5d6590b30d

Meanwhile in Minions Alfa then I was up against Nilhall

Nilhall vs TTTPPP (Minions Alfa)
Game 1: ... 92a6d73755
Game 2: ... 3dca95f435

Honourable Mentions

Kav vs Pinkthoth (Masters)
Cast from Kaution:
Game 1: ... fa7b8fde63
Game 2: ... 61780b8e8c

Kav vs KSK_Nico (Masters)
Cast from Kaution:
Game 1: ... ef7be28511
Game 2: ... 791d566444

As always I haven't had time to watch all the matches, so please feel free to reply to point out some highlights of your own!

* Blackened hasn't technically season forfeited, but he did say he wouldn't be around until December, which is after the group stage has ended.

Re: Red Alert Global League: Season 11 - Weekly Highlights

Posted: Mon Oct 18, 2021 12:06 pm
Extra Highlight

In a break from tradition I'm adding in an extra highlight from week 1. The reigning champion Goat is back, but what sort of form is he in?

Goat vs Pinkthoth (Masters)
Cast by FiveAces:
Game 1: ... 33f6bcfeab
Game 2: ... 5ea0851967

Re: Red Alert Global League: Season 11 - Weekly Highlights

Posted: Mon Oct 25, 2021 8:01 am
Week 2

Here are this week's highlights. I've included links to the replays, but on Chrome you'll have to copy/paste the link as it blocks insecure http links on a secure https page. This week has seen two more players dropping - happy, due to collected strikes and ZxGanon, by request (his own). There are still plenty of players left in Masters though and we'll start with the highlight from this week.

Masters Match of the Week

KSK_Nico vs SinJul (Masters)
Game 1: ... 3b725013a0
Game 2: ... db6d317aca

Best of the Rest

A couple of great matches from Duke Bones complete this week's highlight reel.

Duke Bones vs DVoid (Minions B)
Game 1: ... 2db5c9f64f
Game 2: ... 5b41181883

Duke Bones vs maceman (Minions B)
Game 1: ... 186f427a37
Game 2: ... b811b1c1f8

Honourable Mentions

Minions Bravo has had a busy week, and a special shout out to Tailix for playing over half of his season this week! Duke Bones managed four games this week, so here's another interesting game between these two.

Duke Bones vs Tailix Killa Mentor (Minions B)
Game 1: ... 93385aaf44
Game 2: ... bcf58d9f76

Meanwhile in Minions Alfa there have just been the regulation weekly total of four matches. Here's a game that narrowly missed out on a top spot:

Nilhall vs worldpeace (Minions A)
Game 1: ... cedc390ce3
Game 2: ... 93311bdc0b

Other Casts

KSK_Nico vs Mr Cloudy (Masters)
Cast by Kaution:
Cast by FiveAces:
Game 1: ... ba1abe8090
Game 2: ... d0cb2aa599

Re: Red Alert Global League: Season 11 - Weekly Highlights

Posted: Mon Nov 01, 2021 1:00 pm
Week 3

This week has seen a slight drop in activity in Masters - only three matches were recorded this week. This was partially due to a motherboard issue and partially due to the players being really busy. Also it's worth noting that some of the matches scheduled for this week have already been played early. However, seemingly to make up for it, there were two matches per player this week in Minions (rather than the usual one).

Masters Match of the Week

As mentioned there wasn't a lot of choice, but for me this came out on top:

FiveAces vs KSK_Nico (Masters)
Game 1: ... e471f9ac80
Game 2: ... 5520b24a1f

Best of the Rest

A couple of great matches from Mo this week in Minions Alfa.

Mo vs worldpeace (Minions Alfa)
Game 1: ... 30b631cafd
Game 2: ... a99817c5b2

Mo vs MR C (Minions Alfa)
Game 1: ... 6979de1032
Game 2: ... a2522bd4d3

Honourable Mentions

The first match in this section was plagued with connection issues. They pretty much ruined the second game (a disconnect followed by an early gg in the rematch), but the first game was well worth watching.

Kaution vs Nilhall (Minions Bravo)
Game 1: ... 0342d9f58d

Finally here's another good game from Minions B that I had lined up as a highlight, before the rush of games on Sunday pushed it out.

manta151 vs Therapist (Minions Bravo)
Game 1: ... 8704e7b40f
Game 2: ... 6b6921c78d

Other Casts

manta151 vs TiTo (Minions Bravo)
Cast by Kaution:
Game 1: ... e91150ecea
Game 2: ... e86c6ad334

Re: Red Alert Global League: Season 11 - Weekly Highlights

Posted: Mon Nov 08, 2021 12:37 pm
Week 4

After last week's lull in Masters this week has seen a bumper pack of quality games. Even some of the games I've not mentioned could have made it into the top three in previous weeks.

Masters Match of the Week

Many people have these two as favourites for this season's title, and their group stage games were really something special. Due to Kav previously only playing the ladder and goat almost exclusively playing RAGL then we've not seen them up against each other before.

goat vs Kav (Masters)
Cast by Kaution (game 2 only):
Game 1: ... 85de311348
Game 2: ... 4388c87f9a

Best of the Rest

Two of last season's playoff players battled against each other.

anjew vs Mr Cloudy (Masters)
Game 1: ... 55ee186337
Game 2: ... 432b093a0b

FiveAces and Gore have both been previous highlights of the week - this time they're against each other. The second game in particular here was really fun to watch.

FiveAces vs Goremented (Masters)
Cast by Kaution:
Game 1: ... b49e3c949a
Game 2: ... 4df808c2bf

Honourable Mentions

In Minions Bravo then this week's highlight comes from Duke Bones and TiTo.

Duke Bones vs TiTo (Minions Bravo)
Game 1: ... b8d7bc3185
Game 2: ... e5857ff0cf

Meanwhile in Minions Alfa we had Dodder against MR C.

Dodder vs MR C (Minions Alfa)
Cast by Kaution:
Game 1: ... a0b2a432e9
Game 2: ... 055567d207

Finally, without giving too much away, the first game between goat and KSK_Nico was really impressive.

goat vs KSK_Nico (Masters)
Game 1: ... 2119fc55c4
Game 2: ... 56969579ee

Other Casts

Kaution vs worldpeace (Minions Alfa)
Kaution FPV:
Game 1: ... cff947131b
Game 2: ... 5ec907e352

Re: Red Alert Global League: Season 11 - Weekly Highlights

Posted: Mon Nov 15, 2021 8:36 pm
Week 5

This was another action-packed week with interesting games in all three divisions. Several delayed games were played and several scheduled games were delayed.

Masters Match of the Week

First up we have last season's Minions B champion against the third place from Masters,

Pinkthoth vs Upps (Masters)
Game 1: ... 563e989fcf
Game 2: ... ad8952b3c5

Best of the Rest

Very close to match of the week was FiveAces against Sigil. These two were exactly tied last season in Masters.

FiveAces vs Sigil (Masters)
Game 1: ... 21679a6bcc
Game 2: ... fba70c5861

Meanwhile, in Minions B, Mint (Ekanim) took on Nah (manta151):

Ekanim vs manta151 (Minions Bravo)
Game 1: ... b83bae10ee
Game 2: ... 11d85936ea

Honourable Mentions

I'm putting myself back in the replay pack - the second game in particular here was entertaining.

TTTPPP vs worldpeace (Minions Alfa)
Game 1: ... 22da4c0e33
Game 2: ... 08c65d0a62

Finally check out the second game from Unano vs Potato.

maceman vs potato (Minions Bravo)
Game 1: ... ee17f85c58
Game 2: ... d6b6262847

Re: Red Alert Global League: Season 11 - Weekly Highlights

Posted: Mon Nov 22, 2021 12:14 pm
Week 6

Week 6 was meant to be a busy week since Minions had two scheduled fixtures per player, but it turned out to be the quietest week so far.

Masters Match of the Week

There were only two Masters games, but both of them were brilliant. It was actually pretty hard to choose between them, but I ended up with this as the match of the week. Bain and Upps are both trying to secure a spot in the playoffs:

Mr Cloudy vs Upps (Masters)
Game 1: ... b6e1886abf
Game 2: ... 03ff19b36a

Best of the Rest

Not content with two match of the week awards in a row, Upps also features in the other game from Masters:

Kav vs Upps (Masters)
Game 1: ... 2b1da486ca
Game 2: ... 7b4a6a9c9d

As a general rule of thumb, if a game features Mo then it will make it into the highlights. Here he is against Dodder in Minions Alfa:

Dodder vs Mo (Minions Alfa)
Game 1: ... 5913ef8cd7
Game 2: ... 7b42522511

Honourable Mentions

Another Mo match, this time against me:

Mo vs TTTPPP (Minions Alfa)
Game 1: ... 6f47193e9f
Game 2: ... 54414bd219

Meanwhile in Minions Bravo here's DVoid and Tailix Killa Mentor:

DVoid vs Tailix Killa Mentor (Minions Bravo)
Game 1: ... ac428d063a
Game 2: ... 345dbd39aa

This next week will be the final week of the group stage, so we should see a lot of matches being played. We're still waiting for Kaution vs Eugenator to determine who will top Minions A, and though Gajcus has been leading Minions B for most of the season there's still an outside chance that someone else could catch him. Quite a few players are still in the running for the Masters playoffs, third and fourth place both look hotly contested. In addition there are sizeable prizes for season finishers this year - three prizes of ~$80 each!