Spoiler Free RAGL S11 Replays

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Spoiler Free RAGL S11 Replays

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So - this post is actually just a reply to Loeffer who messaged me but has their private messages disabled. I don't think they will mind me posting this snippet from the PM to explain the problem:

I'm looking for a place to download the RAGL11 replays from without knowing the end result of each game.
This is a problem I've faced too - I hate even seeing the game length in the replay viewer before I start watching a game.

So first off the scoreboards and replays for RAGL S11 are all available from ragl.org, however this link has lots of spoilers. Even the recent games page of the site says who won and lost each game. The best option at the moment is to navigate to via the users pages - e.g. Kav which gives you a way to see all the replays from all players in that division without spoilers. It's hard to navigate between the divisions on that page, but here's TTTPPP from Minions Alfa and Gajcus from Minions Bravo.

Starting on Monday I will be making weekly posts linking to the highlights of the week, these will be spoiler free. I did the same thing last season: viewtopic.php?f=85&t=21353

If I get time then I'll have a look at making a pull request to allow hiding the winner/loser on the main games played list on ragl.org. If anyone else knows how to code in python and gets there first then that would be great! https://github.com/ubitux/oraladder

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Re: Spoiler Free RAGL S11 Replays

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Thanks for the great workaround and the share (and sorry for the private message fiasco)

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