Open League Finals Rulebook

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Open League Finals Rulebook

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General Info OL Post

Note: This rulebook is meant to serve as a guideline. Situations will come up that are not covered, or circumstances may make following the rules unreasonable. The OL team will make decisions on a case by case basis in those situations.

It will be a 16 player double elimination tournament played over the 28th, with the 29th of August being a backup day if we're not finished. Start time is 17:00 UTC, and will go for 4-5 hours on each day. Let us know if this doesn't quite work for you, we are flexible on start/end times.

Players will be randomly seeded into the bracket (seed switch cards will change this).

Each round will be a B03, with the finals being a B05. The elimination bracket will be B01.

You can sign up by replying to this post. You will be required to be signed in to the forum account you signed up with during the tournament.

You will also need to join the OpenRA Discord for communication purposes. . Let me know if you can't do this and we can work something out.

When you sign-up please provide your discord name and # (Mine is Orb#1894), and a three letter acronym (ORB). If you're not comfortable sharing it here send me a PM on Discord.

Sign up priorities go to those who have won faction cards in the lead up trials events. After that, it's first come first serve. There will be a reserve list in case people drop. If you have won a faction card please confirm your sign-up before the event.


1. The first match of each round, the map will be pre-decided (unless a card is used). Subsequent maps will be decided by the loser of the previous match.
2. Maps can not be played twice in the same round
3. All winner's bracket matches will be B03, loser's bracket B01, and finals B05.
4. Bronze match is B05
5. Macros/exploits are banned.
6. In game rules are standard competitive rules. Explored map on, crates off, 5k starting cash, reusable engineer on, and Bounties On.
7. Typing GG in the chat (or similar) results in forfeiting that match.

Cards: ... sp=sharing

Seed Switch: Switch your seed with someone else in the bracket. If multiple seed switches are used, they are done in reverse order of when players received their finals reservations.

Map Pick: Choose the first map in one of your series instead of the default one. If both players use this they cancel eachother out. One use per series.

Elite Faction: Unlock an elite faction for a set of matches. You may use this card at any point in the set of matches (E.g. half way through a B05), and you may use multiple elite faction cards.

Reporting Results:
In order to be valid, results need to be reported on the openRA discord server (there will be a channel for it) and uploaded to Jazz's file server. Rename the replay to: OL-ORB-ZXG-G1
Or, OL, followed by the 3 letter acronym of player 1, player 2, and what game in the series it was.

Map Pool:
The final map pool with elite faction changes will be provided on the discord, however these will be the maps:

Breaking Bad
Eden Lake
Eternal Warriors
Forgotten Plains
Marigold Town
Mountain Ridge Redux
Shadowfiend 2

Prize Pool:

Current Prize Pool: $3255

$3000 in Doge Cryptocurrency (value as of end of tournament) - Anonymous
$100 - Orb
75€ - Pinkthoth
50€ - Kaution
5€ - KSK_Nico

There will be 6 raffle slots, which will randomly assign 10 dollars to players who finish their matches. There will additionally be a 20 dollar prize for best use of Elite Factions.

45% - 1st Place
35% - 2nd Place
20% - 3rd Place

Money will be distributed through Paypal and for Doge Binance (fairly easy to set up). If you earn 45% of the prize pool, you will earn 45% of the doge and 45% of the regular currency pools. You may opt to receive the entire prize pool in doge, if possible.

Sign-up List: (11/16)

Blackened (Confirmed)
Mr. Cloudy (Bain) (Confirmed)
Empire (Godan) (Unconfirmed)
Donb (Unconfirmed)
Dang (Confirmed)
Mint (Confirmed)
f0rk (Scipio) (Unconfirmed)
doggothepupper (Cucumber) (Declined)
TiTo (Confirmed)

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Re: Open League Finals Rulebook

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i want to confirm my signup (i am dang)

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Re: Open League Finals Rulebook

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I’m in.


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Re: Open League Finals Rulebook

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Iam is play also, yes, hi. Confirm in my name please, thanks buddy. Looking forward for fun metches 8)

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Re: Open League Finals Rulebook

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Re: Open League Finals Rulebook

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Commander reporting in! Sign me up.

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Re: Open League Finals Rulebook

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sign me up yet again I thought you need to confirm on this other page

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Re: Open League Finals Rulebook

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I'm in too

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Re: Open League Finals Rulebook

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Count me in

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