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Foretaste 2 Playtest Tournament

Posted: Tue Dec 15, 2020 6:17 pm
by Clockwork
Firstly we thank the devs for putting out the playtest, and also thanks to you players for playing the dev tests and bringing a very stable PT.

We are hosting Foretaste 2 this weekend, 19-20th of December, (sign up by messaging in general chat, posting here, or pming an admin) which will be a single elimination showcase of the PT and its balance for testing. We have a prizepool of $60 and we will be offering $30 to the winner of the tournament and also $30 to the person with the most valid (up to the discretion of the openra developer team) bug reports from between now and next week. The bug reports are for regressions in behavior compared to the previous release and new functionality that isn't working as advertised. Low quality spam bug reports will be reported. For a bug report to count it must be posted as an issue on Github and validated by the ORA devs.

The map pool is the RAGL S10 pool as well as the same game settings.

Kernal Panic