RAGL: The Hidden Master Series 1

A reboot and twist of the Path of the Hidden Master to award to top competing new player with a masters place.

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RAGL: The Hidden Master Series 1

Post by Clockwork »

I am glad to announce the first RAGL's The Hidden Master event. This is a spin on the UFC's The Ultimate Fighter. 8 or 16 new players will be drafted into 2 teams headed by coaches of upstanding prestige. These players will compete in a single knockout event to crown The Hidden Master. This player will be rewarded with a guaranteed masters place. The winning coach will also receive half of the prize pool and the other half will go to the winning player.


Signups begin now and close the week before competition. This gives the coaches 1 week to plan their draft. If there are too many players for the limit, the coaches can pick any of the signups but they can only draft 4 players each (or 8 if applicable). Sign up to either position by this post, or PM byt the forum or Discord.

The Players

8 or 16 new players will be chosen to enter the draft. Players who have competed, or been promoted into, in RAGL Masters Division in the last 5 seasons are ineligible (RAGL 4 and beyond for this series) alongside players who are being promoted from last seasons minions. This does not count season forfeits. If you got into masters in S3 and then forfeited S4 you are eligible. If you have come top 4 in a masters division in its whole existence, or won a major RA 1v1 tournament then you are also ineligible.

The Coaches

Anyone can apply to be one of the two coaches. The coaches will be chosen from the shortlist by the official. Factors that increase you chances are game intelligence, ability, positions of merit (RAGL Master or previous tournament players), and being a current or ex-RA academy teacher.

The Draft

The coach who is deemed the less skilled of the two players will pick first in the draft. If they're evenly skilled then it will go to a coin toss. Further handicaps can apply if the skill between the coaches or the players is too high at the officials discretion. The standard draft order without Handicaps will go Coach A: 1st, 3rd ,5th, 7th and Coach B: 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th. In the case of 16 players, the draft will be extended.

Training Weeks

The first 4 weeks (28th of September to 25th of October) are training weeks, coaches will train their players up. Coaches at this stage can also trade players with all parties consent and officials approval. Coaches can report players to the official who are not showing a willingness to learn and compete. With sufficient problems and evidence, these payers will be removed and swapped from a waiting list. Players can report coaches to the official who are not showing a willingness to teach and provide a good service, with sufficient problems and evidence, these coaches will be removed and replaced from a waiting list.


The last 3 weeks (26th of October to 15th of November, to 23rd of November if there is 16 players and a round of 16) are single elimination knock out rounds, The coaches will decide, the week before competition, on the brackets and what players they want to play against each other. If the coaches cannot agree on a bracket then one will be created by the official using RNG. The Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, and the Third Place playoff will be B05 and the final will be BO7. If in the case of a R016 then it will also be B05. The first map of a series will be predetermined and there will be no ban system.


Current Prize pool: $20
Happy $20

Prize pool will be split 50/50 between coach and player winners.
Guaranteed Masters Spot for the winner.

In the case of spectacular talent (an example would be Morkel and ILM last season of RAGL), the RAGL Admin may offer a masters spot to 2nd place and potentially third place etc. This is at the discretion of only the RAGL Admin.

Map pool: TBD

Current Coach Signups:

Current Player Signups:
DukeBones USA
Moods Canada
Pinkthoth Finland
Kaution Belgium
Abcdefg30 Germany
Goremented Germany
RobLoweEscobar USA
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Re: RAGL: The Hidden Master Series 1

Post by RobLoweEscobar »

Put me in, coach! (As a player though)
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Re: RAGL: The Hidden Master Series 1

Post by lawANDorder »

Cool. How to contribute to the price pool?

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Re: RAGL: The Hidden Master Series 1

Post by SarahSicaria »

sign me up as moods' coach

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Re: RAGL: The Hidden Master Series 1

Post by Clockwork »

Unfortunately due to the lack of guarantee of a masters place from RAGL and the fact the coaching interest is zilch, The Hidden Master tournament has been cancelled. I'm sure someone will pick up another bloodbath that has been suggested to deal with auto invites.

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