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Re: RAGL through the seasons

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2020 4:04 pm
One of the lesser used faction-specific vehicles is the Mobile Gap Generator. I thought it might be interesting to have a look for ways it has been used in recent games. Here's a list of all the games I could find featuring MGGs, along with the player who built them, the map name and the number of MGGs built:

Code: Select all

RAGL-S01-MINION-R03-JAY-ANT.orarep,Jayman,Winter Storm,2
RAGL-S01-RECRUIT-R08-GOH-DAZ..orarep,Dazultra,Tournament Island,2
RAGL-S01-MINION-R02-JAY-TRX.orarep,Jayman,Dual Cold Front,2
RAGL-S01-MINION-R01-FAR-TRX.orarep,Fahrrad,Tournament Island,2
RAGL-S01-MASTER-R03-FIV-GAT.orarep,FiveAces,Behind The Veil,1
RAGL-S01-MINION-R11-FAR-JAY.orarep,Jayman,Behind The Veil,2
RAGL-S01-MASTER-R02-FIV-ZOI.orarep,FiveAces,Forest Path,1

RAGL-S02-MASTER-R02-FIV-HMB.orarep,FiveAces,Dual Cold Front [RAGL, S02],1
RAGL-S02-MASTER-R01-FIV-ANJ.orarep,FiveAces,Desert Rats [RAGL, S02],1
RAGL-S02-MINION-R03-HAN-FRE.orarep,FRenzy,Tournament Island,4
RAGL-S02-MINION-R08-FRE-SXX.orarep,FRenzy,Winter Storm,1
RAGL-S02-MINION-R04-JAY-SXX.orarep,Jayman,Desert Rats [RAGL, S02],3

RAGL-S03-RECRUIT-R09-WCS-OTQ.orarep,WhoCares!?,Pitfight (RAGL:S3),1
RAGL-S03-MASTER-R01-FIV-ABC.orarep,FiveAces,Winter Storm 2 (RAGL:S3),2
RAGL-S03-MASTER-R03-FIV-FAR.orarep,FiveAces,Winter Storm 2 (RAGL:S3),1

RAGL-S04-RECRUIT-R02-MAN-SCR.orarep,manu200,Winter Storm 2 (RAGL:S4),1
RAGL-S04-RECRUITS-POTH-WRK-KZU-5.orarep,kazu.,Sidestep (RAGL:S4),1

RAGL-S05-MINIONS-R1-esk-MCV-G1.orarep,eskimo,Badger Hills (RAGL:S5),1
RAGL-S05-MINIONS-R08-SOT-ESK-G2.orarep,eskimo,Pitfight (RAGL:S5),3
RAGL-S05-MASTER-R05-FIV-ANJ.orarep,FiveAces,Stanitsa (RAGL:S5),2
RAGL-S05-RECRUITA-R03-BUG-JUR-G1.orarep,bµg,Stanitsa (RAGL:S5),1

RAGL-S07-MINIONSB-GROUP-AMO-MTL-G2.orarep,Metalcallous,Forgotten Plains (RAGL:S7),3
RAGL-S07-MASTER-GROUP-FIV-ORB-G2.orarep,Orb,Forgotten Plains (RAGL:S7),1
RAGL-S07-MINIONB-GROUP-AMO-MTL-G2.orarep,Metalcallous,Forgotten Plains (RAGL:S7),3
RAGL-S07-MINIONSB-GROUP-DTR-MTL-G1.orarep,Metalcallous,Pitfight (RAGL:S7),2

RAGL-S08-MASTER-POSF-ORB-FIV-G2.orarep,Mr. Shady,Enhanced Snakes and Ladders (RAGL:S8),2
RAGL-S08-MASTER-GROUP-ORB-PUN-G2.orarep,PunPun,Marigold Town (RAGL:S8),1
RAGL-S08-MASTER-GROUP-UPS-BBB-G2.orarep,Mr Bain,River Crossing 2 (RAGL:S8),1

RAGL-S09-MINION-GROUP-HAN-PIE-G2.orarep,PieChild,Ore Egano RAGL S9,2
Something to notice here is that FiveAces is the king of the MGGs. He's queued ten MGGs across eight games in four seasons of RAGL.

I watched all the games from Seasons 8 and 9, and have made some notes of how MGGs were used.

Orb vs FiveAces (Season 8: RAGL-S08-MASTER-POSF-ORB-FIV-G2.orarep)
Stream from JackoDerp (game 2 starts at 31 minutes):
Second half of stream with other games in series:

This was a semi-final match where Orb built two MGGs. The first was perhaps used as a decoy and didn't achieve much. The second lasted much longer although again Orb initially used it to shroud a few technicians and some base defences. This might have discouraged FiveAces from sending migs into the area, but an AA gun or radar jammer would have been more effective. Possibly the main benefit was protecting Orb's hinds from flaks. This was a really exciting series and well worth a watch.

Punsho vs Orb (Season 8: RAGL-S08-MASTER-GROUP-ORB-PUN-G2.orarep)
FiveAces Shoutcast (game 2 starts at 17 minutes):

Another great matchup from Season 8. This time Orb is on the receiving end when Punsho breaks out an MGG. Unfortunately the MGG starts off out of position, and even once it's in the right place it doesn't have any impact against Orb's tesla troopers (gap generation doesn't reduce infantry vision).
032_MGGPunshoVsOrbLimitedImpact.png (323.75 KiB) Viewed 5397 times
Bain vs Upps (Season 8: RAGL-S08-MASTER-GROUP-UPS-BBB-G2.orarep)

In this game Bain builds an MGG and a radar jammer to defend some infantry including Tanya. It kind of acts as a reverse GPS, allowing Upps to determine where to dive to try to snipe Tanya. Ultimately Tanya stays alive much longer than the MGG, but possibly the best defence came from the dense crowd of other infantry rather than the MGG.
032_MGGBainVsUppsReverseGPS.png (222.5 KiB) Viewed 5397 times
PieChild vs HansNilhall (Season 9: RAGL-S09-MINION-GROUP-HAN-PIE-G2.orarep)
Biomecaman Cast:

Season 9 was on release-20200503 and was the first to feature a price reduction of the MGG from 1200 to 1000. Unfortunately this did not result in an increased number of MGG builds; in fact this was the only game with them. The game as a whole was brilliant, although again the mobile gap generator didn't exactly shine. PieChild took the MGG with a large force and went for a flank attack down the side of the map. Hans saw the shroud and guessed it was a good spot to send some parabombs.
032_MGGPieChildVsHansNilhall.jpg (173.36 KiB) Viewed 5397 times
Overall MGGs are in an odd spot. They often seem to cause more problems for the owner than their opponent. One slight benefit is that they can be used as a counter to GPS in the hyper-late game. Rather than seeing individual GPS dots the opponent only gets to see a circle of shroud. It's a pretty niche purpose, and arguably the standard gap generator is a better solution.

There have been a few suggestions to help improve MGGs, some dating back to 2013:

Re: RAGL through the seasons

Posted: Thu Oct 29, 2020 2:59 pm
Having looked at all the vehicles, it's time to move onto the next queue. There are five air units in the game and to start with here are the average number of each queued per game. The figures for each unit are restricted to games where the player was the appropriate faction (i.e. Allies/Soviets) and the blackhawk line includes hinds (for obvious reasons).
033_AirUnitsQueued.png (45.33 KiB) Viewed 5325 times
Blackhawks and yaks dominate the graph, and their use has noticably dropped over time. One cause of this is definitely the drop in radar dome usage. Longbows have been consistently in third place and migs in fourth. Right at the bottom is the chinook. It's hard to tell, but the line doesn't actually hit zero.
033_AirUnitUsage.png (46.41 KiB) Viewed 5325 times
Next up is the usage graph - i.e. the percentage of games that featured each unit. We see a similar picture to the first graph, but yaks have moved up a bit. This means that yaks are used more often than blackhawks, but when blackhawks are queued then a player will queue more of them. The chinook line shows a steady decline over the first six seasons, but since then has picked up a little. Perhaps if we bring back the option for using chinooks as a flying bomb then we'll see a few more of them.

Finally here's the win rate graph.
033_AirUnitWinRate.png (53.48 KiB) Viewed 5325 times
The line for chinooks is based on pretty low usage, so it's hard to take that very seriously. There's reasonable evidence that migs and longbows increase your chance of winning, and it's possible that migs are better than longbows. It's also possible that players who build migs already have e.g. iron curtains and mammoths, and so the increase in performance might not be caused by the unit. Comparing the blackhawk and yak lines with the radar dome win rate from an earlier post shows that the subset of players building blackhawks or yaks are roughly 5% more likely to win than the set of all players who build a radar dome. E.g. In Season 9 the win rates were:

Code: Select all

Built RD  56%
Blackhawk 64%
Yak       59%

Re: RAGL through the seasons

Posted: Sun Nov 01, 2020 10:26 am
by poop
Can you do stats on technician/civy use?

Re: RAGL through the seasons

Posted: Sun Nov 01, 2020 11:48 am
Sadly I can't get stats about technicians because they don't get queued. I know ioverthoughtthis was looking into adapting the replay client to export information about how much damage units do to each other. This would give access to some information about technicians and finally settle the debate about whether they're overperforming.

Re: RAGL through the seasons

Posted: Wed Nov 04, 2020 7:52 am
In the last post we saw the decline in air units over time and noted that one cause was the drop in radar dome usage. I thought it would be interesting to look at the average number of each air unit queued when the player has build the prerequisite buildings (i.e. helipad/airfield for blackhawk, yak and chinook, additionally a tech center for longbows and migs).
034_AirUnitsQueuedWithPrerequisites.png (47.04 KiB) Viewed 5206 times
Obviously the numbers are higher in this graph than the equivalent graph in the last post (maybe two or three times higher). However the decline in tier two air units over the nine series is still prominant. Possibly this is due to game lengths being shorter or due to helipads and airfields being built nearer the end of the game.

The flat line for chinooks was bothering me a little, so I decided to plot the raw number of players that used a chinook each season. There were six games in S09 featuring chinooks, and if the pattern continues then we might see as many as ten in S10 (although I wouldn't hold your breath).
034_GameCountsWithChinooks.png (25.98 KiB) Viewed 5206 times
Something else we noted last post was that the win rates for T3 aircraft might be caused simply by having access to other T3 tech. Here is a graph showing the win rates of longbows and migs compared with tech centers. It also includes dotted lines showing the win rates of tech centers without T3 aircraft.
034_WinRateAirTech.png (55.3 KiB) Viewed 5206 times
In most seasons then players building migs outperformed those who build Soviet tech centers but not migs. There's some error in these results, but it seems reasonable to say migs are a good investment. Similarly players building longbows generally did a little better than players who built an Allied tech center without a longbow. The "Allied TC" and "Soviet TC" lines show the overall win rates for players who built those tech centers, regardless of whether they built air units or not. It tracks between the unit/no unit lines for each faction, because it's an average of them.

From the graph then it looks like Season 9 was the most balanced of all seasons for T3 air play. All the win rate lines converge around the 70% mark. However we also have to remember that only about 20% of games featured tier three at all, and less than 10% featured tier three air units.

Re: RAGL through the seasons

Posted: Fri Nov 13, 2020 6:12 pm
As mentioned chinooks haven't seen a huge amount of love recently. I wanted to check what great plays there have been with them, so I went through the recent games where they were queued to see how they're being used.

There were a lot of games with chinooks in every season from S01-S05. Skipping over those then here's the full list of games featuring queued chinooks in S06-S09 along with the player, map name and the quantity of chinooks:

Code: Select all

RAGL-S06-MINION-R04-WCS-MCV-G1.orarep,mechANIC,Forgotten Plains (RAGL:S6),1

RAGL-S07-MINIONB-GROUP-NUK-SIR-G1.orarep,SirCakealot,Pitfight (RAGL:S7),1
RAGL-S07-MINIONB-GROUP-AMO-SIR-G1.orarep,SirCakealot,Shards (RAGL:S7),1
RAGL-S07-MINIONB-GROUP-SQY-SIR-G2.orarep,CakeLotsir,Hourglass (RAGL:S7),1

RAGL-S08-MINIONA-GROUP-BLK-DDC-G2.orarep,Blackened,Blitz (RAGL:S8),1
RAGL-S08-MINIONA-GROUP-SIN-HAN-G2.orarep,HansNilhall,Windige Gasse (RAGL:S8),1
RAGL-S08-MINIONA-GROUP-ZOF-SIN-G2.orarep,SinJul,Forgotten Plains (RAGL:S8),1
RAGL-S08-MINION-POF-BLK-GOA-G2.orarep,Blackened,Marigold Town (RAGL:S8),2

RAGL-S09-MINION-GROUP-HAN-PIE-G2.orarep,PieChild,Ore Egano RAGL S9,1
RAGL-S09-MINION-GROUP-IOT-KSK-G1.orarep,KSK_Nico,The Swamp RAGL S9,1
RAGL-S09-MINION-GROUP-GOR-SIN-G1.orarep,SinJul,Ore Egano RAGL S9,5
RAGL-S09-MASTER-GROUP-FIV-JKD-G1.orarep,FiveAces,The Swamp RAGL S9,1
RAGL-S09-MASTER-GROUP-PLAYOFF-MRK-ILM-G1.orarep,morkel,Discovery RAGL S9,1
RAGL-S09-MASTER-GROUP-PLAYOFF-MRK-GOA-G1.orarep,morkel,Wetlands RAGL S9,1
I watched all the Season 9 games and found that in half of the games then the chinook didn't actually hit the field. In several others then the chinook didn't have much of an impact. Here's an overview of all the chinooks from Season 9:

PieChild vs Hans Nilhall (Season 9: RAGL-S09-MINION-GROUP-HAN-PIE-G2.orarep)
Biomecaman Cast:

PieChild loads Tanya into a chinook, flies it to the Hans' backlines, but Hans manages to shoot it down before it can land.
035_ChinooksPieChildVsHansNilhall.jpg (129.92 KiB) Viewed 5099 times
This is where Hans spotted the chinook and chased it down with flaks. I've recommended this game before, but it's worth recommending again. (PS Yes that's right - Hans had a demo truck casually laying around his base)

Morkel vs Goat (Season 9: RAGL-S09-MASTER-GROUP-PLAYOFF-MRK-GOA-G1.orarep)
Kaution Cast:
FiveAces Cast:
035_ChinooksMorkelVsGoat.png (188.73 KiB) Viewed 5099 times
Morkel produces two engis and a chinook and loads them up. It looks like the start of a really interesting play, but with Goat attacking on two fronts then Morkel ends up trying to land the engis next to one of the aggressive forces and it gets shot down. This was the first game in the season final, and so I guess the pressure must have been insane.

FiveAces vs Jacko Derp (Season 9: RAGL-S09-MASTER-GROUP-FIV-JKD-G1.orarep)

FiveAces produces a chinook, loads up three rockets and drops them in the backlines for some harassment. Unfortunately (for supporters of chinooks) Jacko spots this immediately and cleans them up with a hind.
035_ChinooksFiveAcesVsJackoDerp.jpg (117.63 KiB) Viewed 5099 times
FiveAces preserves the chinook for quite a bit longer, even using it to tank rocket fire and then patching it up at one point, but the only other use it gets is for vision. Having said all this, this match was a good one, and since the rockets did some damage then I'm awarding FiveAces the chinook play-of-the-season award for Season 9.

Re: RAGL through the seasons

Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2020 6:43 pm
The final queue is the naval queue. Due to the nature of many competitive maps, naval units are often impossible to build. There's not a huge amount of difference between the graphs for average queue size and average unit usage, so I'll just include the latter:
036_NavalUsage.png (44.62 KiB) Viewed 5019 times
There were no naval units for the whole of Seasons 5, 6 and 7. Furthermore there was only one game in each of Seasons 8 and 9 that featured naval units. Earlier seasons had more maps that encouraged naval play as we'll see later on.
036_NavalWinRate.png (44.23 KiB) Viewed 5019 times
Having a quick look at the average win rate for each unit we can see that during Seasons 1 and 2 Missile Subs had the best win rate, probably followed by cruisers. Naval transports were probably the least successful unit. All of these results are only based on 30-40 games though, so it wouldn't be fair to use this to conclude that e.g. Soviets have the upper hand in naval battles.

I was interested to see which maps most often featured naval play, and the results were:

Code: Select all

Bloody Delta (S01): 3/4 games (75.00%)
Singles (S01,S02): 38/60 games (63.33%)
Tournament Island (S01,S02): 8/32 games (25.00%)
Winter Storm 2 (S03/S04): 6/70 games (8.57%)
Blitz (S08): 2/30 games (6.67%)
Siberian Summer (S04): 1/16 games (6.25%)
Crossfire (S02): 1/16 games (6.25%)
Dual Cold Front (S01,S02,S04,S09): 7/208 games (3.37%)
Teared Strait (S09): 1/32 games (3.12%)
Sidestep (S01,S02,S04): 6/212 games (2.83%)
Ysmir (S04): 2/90 games (2.22%)

Re: RAGL through the seasons

Posted: Thu Nov 26, 2020 9:16 pm
To conclude this section on naval units I thought it would be interesting to see how they've been used recently. There are only two games from the past five seasons featuring naval, so I watched both.

First up is Mo vs Morkel in Season 9 (RAGL-S09-MASTER-GROUP-AMO-MRK-G2.orarep.orarep) on Teared Strait (created by Mo, and affectionately known as "the Mo map"). Mo built a subpen fairly early and set up a gren drop. At the same time he started preparing a rocket drop too. Unfortunately the rocket drop was scouted and cleaned up fairly quickly by Morkel's ranger:
037_NavalMoVsMorkel1.jpg (77.74 KiB) Viewed 4894 times
At the other end of the strait the grens unloaded, were spotted by a medium tank and, since Morkel had a pillbox prepared, they were ineffective.
037_NavalMoVsMorkel2.jpg (25.81 KiB) Viewed 4894 times
Both naval transports lasted a fair while longer, and got a small amount of use for scouting. However it's probably fair to say that naval didn't help Mo much in this game.

The second game is Blackened vs DoDoCat on Blitz in Season 8 (RAGL-S08-MINIONA-GROUP-BLK-DDC-G2.orarep). The game is unconventional in many ways, but notably here because both players build naval yards and cruisers. DoDoCat also built a gunboat. By 11 minutes Blackened was 26 medium tanks and 5 hinds ahead, and earning about three times as much. By 15 minutes Blackened had got to seven naval yards and was producing cruisers (and also had a flock of unused longbows).

At 17 minutes the time had come, and Blackened chronoshifted five cruisers into the backlines:
037_NavalBlackenedVsDoDoCat.jpg (127.95 KiB) Viewed 4894 times
The cruisers killed a con yard and an advanced power plant, but the game was really already decided.

DoDoCat really summed up the game before it even started by saying he played "just for fun" and it was a fun game. Later on Blackened chinook dropped Tanya then C4ed the tech center. As Tanya went further in towards DoDoCat's base then friendly fire from the cruisers took down another power plant. Blackened chronoed cruisers again later to take out the missile silo.

So this was technically one win and one loss for naval play, but probably more accurately it was a victory for entertaining the players.

With this post we have finished the tour of the buildings and units from RAGL Seasons 1-9. Season 10 is due to start on Monday* with some updated balance changes and I'm looking forward to seeing what it does to the graphs!

* Sign up here: viewtopic.php?f=85&t=21299

Re: RAGL through the seasons

Posted: Mon Dec 21, 2020 6:09 am
by Nilhall
Ah, that's really cool! Great job! 8)
And where is the DEMO's graphic? We all love BIG EXPLOSIONS! :evil:
Please, please make a special episode for the demotrucks!

Re: RAGL through the seasons

Posted: Sat Mar 06, 2021 2:48 pm
Following a request from Nilhall I wanted to investigate demo truck usage. We already looked briefly at them along with the stats for the other faction-special vehicles. It turned out that demos were consistently used by about 10% of Ukraine players across all seasons and their average win rate was less than 50%. However we didn't look at games involving lots of demos, so let's rectify that. There were too many games with demo trucks to explore them all, so here's a list of all games (Seasons 1-9) with at least 5 demos queued by a player:

Code: Select all

RAGL-S01-MINION-R08-SOS-TRX.orarep,SoScared,Tournament Island,7
RAGL-S01-MINION-R09-TRX-ABC.orarep,Testosterone Rex,Tournament Island,6
RAGL-S01-MINION-R07-SOS-FAR.orarep,SoScared,Tournament Island,5

RAGL-S02-MASTER-R02-ABC-BRF.orarep,abcdefg30,Northwest Passage,6
RAGL-S02-MASTER-R10-GAT-ANJ.orarep,anjew,Winter Storm,6

RAGL-S04-RecruitsC-R03-ESK-GBI.orarep,eskimo,Pitfight (RAGL:S4),25

RAGL-S05-MASTERS-R09-ANJ-BLK-G2.orarep,anjew,Pitfight (RAGL:S5),11

RAGL-S08-MASTER-GROUP-FIV-ANJ-G2.orarep,anjew,River Crossing 2 (RAGL:S8),5

RAGL-S09-MINION-GROUP-HAN-PIE-G2.orarep,Nilhall,Ore Egano RAGL S9,8
The last figure is the quantity of demo trucks queued, so we immediately see that Eskimo wins the award for most demos queued with 25(!) in Season 4. As is often the case though the number of demos queued almost certainly doesn't match the number of demos built.

I watched the three games from Season 5 onwards, and here are some highlights.

anjew vs Blackened (Season 5: RAGL-S05-MASTERS-R09-ANJ-BLK-G2.orarep)

The first demo in this was a perfect defensive demo and came after about 11 minutes. It elicited a "nice" from Blackened.
037_AnjewBlackendedDemo1.png (163.17 KiB) Viewed 4262 times
The second is spotted by a hind and sniped, causing devastation to anjew's own army. At this point the game is pretty much done, and even though anjew pulled off a nice parabomb run, Blackened rips through the main base and the remaining nine demos never see the battlefield.
037_AnjewBlackendedDemo2.png (87.25 KiB) Viewed 4262 times
anjew vs FiveAces (Season 8: RAGL-S08-MASTER-GROUP-FIV-ANJ-G2.orarep)

Another game from Anjew, who wins the award for most entries in the list. This is partly due to him playing every season and partially due to his propensity for picking Ukraine. Weirdly Anjew doesn't actually build a demo truck in this game though as we'll see.

Anjew gets off to a great start with a double flamer drop, demolishing FiveAces' MCV and Service Depot. However FiveAces has his expansion out and rebuilds the SD and second MCV.

Midgame FiveAces makes a comeback with an attack on main causing Anjew to pull four harvesters to defend. They both get Radar Domes out and trade expansions. FiveAces was also playing Ukraine in this one, and gets out a demo at about 16 minutes. He takes out a good chunk of Anjew's army with it. Anjew just about manages to cling on with some clutch v2-play and techs up himself. No sooner has he queued the demo trucks when he's forced to sell-out everything for a last ditch effort though.
037_FiveAcesAnjewDemoTruck.png (387.81 KiB) Viewed 4246 times
This leaves us with one more game - PieChild vs Hans Nilhall from Season 9. This game has already been covered twice before. Once when we looked at MGG usage and once when we covered chinooks, however given it features 8 queued demos then it seems worth revisiting. I've used my image allowance for this post though, so I'll roll it over to a second post.

Re: RAGL through the seasons

Posted: Tue Mar 09, 2021 7:30 am
To complete our tour of demo truck matches, here's one from last season.

Nilhall vs PieChild (Season 9: RAGL-S09-MINION-GROUP-HAN-PIE-G2.orarep)
Biomecaman Cast:

Once Hans gets to a tech center then one of the first vehicles built is a demo. He sends it to flank and it wipes a reasonably large blog off the map. Soon after PieChild is attacking Nilhall's starting base and Hans pulls out another demo (along with a SAM site) which does a great job of defending.
038_HansNilhallPieChildDemo1And2.jpg (231.69 KiB) Viewed 4177 times
Having had two successes then Hans makes another demo just in case, and leaves it in his base for a while. He soon send it up the map and it takes out several tanks, a longbow and a few infantry.
038_HansNilhallPieChildDemo3.jpg (236.25 KiB) Viewed 4177 times
At 26 minutes Hans builds a mammoth, puts down his fourth WF and starts to pump out the demos. ilikemen in spec chat makes the comment "the classic 5-1 demo mammoth ratio." This fourth demo is possibly the least successful so far, only taking out a tank and 2k of infantry.

The fifth demo runs into a wall of static defences, and still does plenty of damage, but not on a par with the earlier ones.

The sixth demo is denied by PieChild sniping Nilhall's Tech Center. This is immediately rebuilt, and soon Hans has another demo brewing. This sixth/seventh demo is just coming out in a precarious position with a few of PieChild's tanks and most of Hans' army next to it. In the end it only takes out a single blackhawk, but the game is won by then.
038_HansNilhallPieChildDemo6.jpg (121.95 KiB) Viewed 4177 times

Re: RAGL through the seasons

Posted: Fri Sep 24, 2021 3:56 pm
For the latest Kautious Kup, Kaution wanted to know how popular different maps had been in each season of RAGL. I know that this has been compiled in the past for individual seasons, but I couldn't find an existing list for everything. The list is sorted by season, and then by popularity of each map. My list will be missing any maps that were not played at all, since I used the replay files as the source data.

Code: Select all

1; Ore Lord: 64/253 games (25.30%)
1; Warwind: 42/253 games (16.60%)
1; Sidestep: 28/253 games (11.07%)
1; Keep Off The Grass 2: 19/253 games (7.51%)
1; Behind The Veil: 19/253 games (7.51%)
1; Singles: 17/253 games (6.72%)
1; Dual Cold Front: 16/253 games (6.32%)
1; Northwest Passage: 15/253 games (5.93%)
1; Tournament Island: 12/253 games (4.74%)
1; Forest Path: 12/253 games (4.74%)
1; Winter Storm: 3/253 games (1.19%)
1; Dual Vegetation: 3/253 games (1.19%)
1; Bloody Delta: 2/253 games (0.79%)
1; Doughnut: 1/253 games (0.40%)

Code: Select all

2; Ore Lord: 65/298 games (21.81%)
2; Sidestep: 31/298 games (10.40%)
2; Warwind [RAGL, S02]: 26/298 games (8.72%)
2; Dual Cold Front [RAGL, S02]: 25/298 games (8.39%)
2; Keep Off The Grass 2: 24/298 games (8.05%)
2; Behind The Veil: 24/298 games (8.05%)
2; Dual Cold Front: 19/298 games (6.38%)
2; Warwind: 15/298 games (5.03%)
2; Desert Rats [RAGL, S02]: 14/298 games (4.70%)
2; Winter Storm: 13/298 games (4.36%)
2; Singles: 13/298 games (4.36%)
2; Northwest Passage: 13/298 games (4.36%)
2; Crossfire [RAGL, S02]: 8/298 games (2.68%)
2; Tournament Island: 4/298 games (1.34%)
2; Desert Rats: 3/298 games (1.01%)
2; Agenda: 1/298 games (0.34%)

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3; Pitfight (RAGL:S3): 52/320 games (16.25%)
3; Agenda (RAGL:S3): 44/320 games (13.75%)
3; Behind The Veil 2 (RAGL:S3): 42/320 games (13.12%)
3; Patches (RAGL:S3): 35/320 games (10.94%)
3; Green Belt (RAGL:S3): 31/320 games (9.69%)
3; Keep Off The Grass 2 (RAGL:S3): 24/320 games (7.50%)
3; Desert Rats (RAGL:S3): 24/320 games (7.50%)
3; Rocky Ravine (RAGL:S3): 23/320 games (7.19%)
3; Winter Storm 2 (RAGL:S3): 21/320 games (6.56%)
3; Northwest Passage (RAGL:S3): 21/320 games (6.56%)
3; Northwest Passage: 1/320 games (0.31%)
3; Keep Off The Grass 2: 1/320 games (0.31%)
3; Green Belt: 1/320 games (0.31%)

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4; Pitfight (RAGL:S4): 97/494 games (19.64%)
4; A Nuclear Winter (RAGL:S4): 50/494 games (10.12%)
4; Agenda (RAGL:S4): 48/494 games (9.72%)
4; Sidestep (RAGL:S4): 46/494 games (9.31%)
4; Ysmir (RAGL:S4): 45/494 games (9.11%)
4; Keep Off The Grass 2 (RAGL:S4): 44/494 games (8.91%)
4; Borrowed Time (RAGL:S4): 44/494 games (8.91%)
4; Shadow Fiend (RAGL:S4): 37/494 games (7.49%)
4; Behind the Veil (RAGL:S4): 31/494 games (6.28%)
4; Dual Cold Front (RAGL:S4): 23/494 games (4.66%)
4; Winter Storm 2 (RAGL:S4): 14/494 games (2.83%)
4; Siberian Summer (RAGL:S4): 8/494 games (1.62%)
4; Keep Off The Grass 2: 2/494 games (0.40%)
4; Agenda: 2/494 games (0.40%)
4; Sidestep: 1/494 games (0.20%)
4; BIGGER MAP: 1/494 games (0.20%)
4; Almost Arid (RAGL:S4): 1/494 games (0.20%)

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5; Pitfight (RAGL:S5): 44/241 games (18.26%)
5; Borrowed Time (RAGL:S5): 36/241 games (14.94%)
5; Badger Hills (RAGL:S5): 35/241 games (14.52%)
5; Stanitsa (RAGL:S5): 28/241 games (11.62%)
5; Shadowfiend II (RAGL:S5): 24/241 games (9.96%)
5; Race Tracks (RAGL:S5): 24/241 games (9.96%)
5; Trapped (RAGL:S5): 17/241 games (7.05%)
5; River of Gold (RAGL:S5): 16/241 games (6.64%)
5; Face-off (RAGL:S5): 15/241 games (6.22%)
5; The Great Divide (RAGL:S5): 1/241 games (0.41%)
5; Pitfight (RAGL:S4): 1/241 games (0.41%)

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6; Map X (RAGL:S6): 38/276 games (13.77%)
6; Forgotten Plains (RAGL:S6): 38/276 games (13.77%)
6; Badger Hills (RAGL:S6): 37/276 games (13.41%)
6; Snakes and Ladders (RAGL:S6): 35/276 games (12.68%)
6; Shadowfiend II (RAGL:S6): 25/276 games (9.06%)
6; Beyond Destruction (RAGL:S6): 25/276 games (9.06%)
6; Shared Responsibility r2 (RAGL:S6): 20/276 games (7.25%)
6; Stanitsa (RAGL:S6): 18/276 games (6.52%)
6; Oil Sands (RAGL:S6): 15/276 games (5.43%)
6; Uzala (RAGL:S6): 12/276 games (4.35%)
6; Shared Responsibility (RAGL:S6): 11/276 games (3.99%)
6; Stanitsa (RAGL:S5): 1/276 games (0.36%)
6; Fallout (RAGL:S6): 1/276 games (0.36%)

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7; Lacetown (RAGL:S7): 57/296 games (19.26%)
7; Pitfight (RAGL:S7): 47/296 games (15.88%)
7; Forgotten Plains (RAGL:S7): 42/296 games (14.19%)
7; Warwind (RAGL:S7): 23/296 games (7.77%)
7; Hourglass (RAGL:S7): 23/296 games (7.77%)
7; Aqueducts (RAGL:S7): 20/296 games (6.76%)
7; Uzala (RAGL:S7): 18/296 games (6.08%)
7; Map X (RAGL:S7): 16/296 games (5.41%)
7; Shards (RAGL:S7): 14/296 games (4.73%)
7; Agenda (RAGL:S7): 14/296 games (4.73%)
7; Fury Sands II (RAGL:S7): 11/296 games (3.72%)
7; Arid (RAGL:S7): 11/296 games (3.72%)

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8; Marigold Town (RAGL:S8): 51/291 games (17.53%)
8; Trapped (RAGL:S8): 41/291 games (14.09%)
8; Forgotten Plains (RAGL:S8): 35/291 games (12.03%)
8; Enhanced Snakes and Ladders (RAGL:S8): 35/291 games (12.03%)
8; River Crossing 2 (RAGL:S8): 34/291 games (11.68%)
8; Mountain Ridge Redux (RAGL:S8): 33/291 games (11.34%)
8; Windige Gasse (RAGL:S8): 18/291 games (6.19%)
8; Climate Crisis (RAGL:S8): 15/291 games (5.15%)
8; Blitz (RAGL:S8): 15/291 games (5.15%)
8; Onyx (RAGL:S8): 14/291 games (4.81%)

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9; Ore Egano RAGL S9: 62/424 games (14.62%)
9; Discovery RAGL S9: 61/424 games (14.39%)
9; Agita RAGL S9: 46/424 games (10.85%)
9; The Swamp RAGL S9: 45/424 games (10.61%)
9; Three and a half woods RAGL S9: 41/424 games (9.67%)
9; Shadowfiend II RAGL S9: 40/424 games (9.43%)
9; Sonora RAGL S9: 39/424 games (9.20%)
9; Wetlands RAGL S9: 25/424 games (5.90%)
9; Dual Cold Front RAGL S9: 21/424 games (4.95%)
9; Teared Strait RAGL S9: 16/424 games (3.77%)
9; Mountain Ridge Redux RAGL S9: 15/424 games (3.54%)
9; Trail of Thought RAGL S9: 11/424 games (2.59%)
9; The Swamp Revision (RAGLS9): 2/424 games (0.47%)

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10; Amsterdamned[RAGL-X]: 43/243 games (17.70%)
10; Timian[RAGL-X]: 42/243 games (17.28%)
10; Annihilate[RAGL-X]: 32/243 games (13.17%)
10; Devils Marsh[RAGL-X]: 31/243 games (12.76%)
10; Winding Woods[RAGL-X]: 22/243 games (9.05%)
10; Pitfight[RAGL-X]: 16/243 games (6.58%)
10; Off My Lawn, Punks ![RAGL-X]: 14/243 games (5.76%)
10; Darkside Aftermath[RAGL-X]: 12/243 games (4.94%)
10; Nomad[RAGL-X]: 10/243 games (4.12%)
10; Mounds[RAGL-X]: 9/243 games (3.70%)
10; Polemos[RAGL-X]: 6/243 games (2.47%)
10; Behind The Curtain[RAGL-X]: 6/243 games (2.47%)
I thought it was worth looking at those maps that only appeared once and I've tried to link to them in the resource centre. Some of the maps appeared once because they were a different version of the official RAGL map (e.g. "Sidestep" was played once in Season 4, but "Sidestep (RAGL:S4)" was played 46 times). In addition "BIGGER MAP" was just played as a dummy game to pad out a playoff match-up.

Ignoring these we have an elite list of official maps that were only played once in a season:

Season 1: Doughnut: 1/253 games (0.40%) RAGL-S01-RECRUIT-R03-G33-FEN.orarep
Season 2: Agenda: 1/298 games (0.34%) RAGL-S02-MINION-R08-TTT-KUB.orarep
Season 4: Almost Arid (RAGL:S4): 1/494 games (0.20%) RAGL-S04-RECRUITB-R03-FWL-LCN.orarep
Season 5: The Great Divide (RAGL:S5): 1/241 games (0.41%) RAGL-S05-MASTERS-POSF-BRF-ORB-G4.orarep
Season 6: Fallout (RAGL:S6): 1/276 games (0.36%) RAGL-S06-MINION-R08-WCS-MER-G1.orarep

To see the list of maps that Kaution picked then check out the list here: viewtopic.php?f=85&t=21499 The competition is tomorrow, and if you want to sign up then you need to get in contact with Kaution quickly!