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And this is for RA correct?

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Registration bug (Android)

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noobmapmaker wrote: When I try to register (on my android phone) I get this message :
This value may contain only letters, numbers and @/./+/-/_ characters.

I've tried more than once and with correct values (the message is wrong ). Btw also unclear about which field the message is. It shows on top, but I entered all fields with correct data.
Hmm, this is strange. I was able to reproduce the error on an android phone, but only once; now, it works for me. The error message definitely refers to the username; what username were you using? (Even though it's correct, knowing the username might help me to understand the bug.)

I'll keep trying to see what is going on here, but in the meantime, let me know if you want me to create a user account for you.
AoAGeneral1 wrote: And this is for RA correct?
Yes, this is for RA :D
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OpenRA is the name of the whole project, including all the default mods. It does not mean just the RA mod.

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Oops, that'll teach me to rush my replies. :oops: Post edited!

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Still get,the error as user noobmapmaker and when I try again as Noobmapmaker (m/M) I get the same message.

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