OpenRA 1 v 1 RA mod Tournament August 29th

Standard Brackets - Strict time slots (6 hour intervals)

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Post by JOo »

tournament has allready started ... 4 hours, 20 minutes left ... for every participant to show up for their first game

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Post by thezoidberg »

Hey - Where does one show up for their first game? I'm in the lobby and don't see anything related to tournament games...

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Post by Ripsn »

As stated in Main thread post

"You MUST use a registered account and join either #OpenRA or #OpenRA-Tourn in order to keep everyone in contact and organized during the gaming. Before the tournament begins!
We have a Bot active that you will Need to register with in one of these channels in order for us to better track the results."

this refers to the openra channel on the freenode network of irc

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Post by Tesrym »

I Want to congratulate pchote for winning the tournament :)
Good job everyone!

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Ooops. I forgot to sign up for and join the tournament. <:(
Good luck everyone!

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Post by JOo »

all matches and info about match-cronology / played map / crates on/off ... 4.rar?dl=0

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Post by Stex »

wtf I missed this ! :?

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