Red Alert Global League: Season 15 - Map Contest

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Red Alert Global League: Season 15 - Map Contest

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Rulebook Registrations Map Making Contest Schedule Weekly Highlights Standings

Map Making Contest

As in previous seasons we are having a community map making contest. The winning submission will feature as one of the maps in the map pool for RAGL S15 and (prize pool permitting) there will be a prize for the most popular map (roughly 15% of the prize pool). The relevant section from the rulebook:
4.2.4 Map contest

4.2.4: There will be a vote for the community's favourite map before RAGL, this map will be automatically included in the pool. Maps must be submitted by 2023-09-21. Map submissions should be made in this thread or in the #map-making channel of the OpenRA Competitive Discord server, Up to two maps per mapmaker Maps do not have to be new, but may not have featured in previous seasons of RAGL Voting will open once map submissions have closed. Voting will close on 2023-09-28. Voters assign 3pts, 2pts and 1pt to three different maps (it is not allowed to vote for fewer than three maps) Votes are final at the point they are seen by TTTPPP and cannot be changed after this Mapmakers can't vote for their own maps Any mapmakers who vote will receive 3pts bonus on all maps they submitted The map with the highest score will win. If two maps are tied on the same score then the tiebreaker will be number of people who gave it a score (including bonus points). If the maps are still tied after this then the map with the lowest resource centre id wins (as shown in the links below).
Prize Pool Contributions

To make a donation to the prize pool:
5.2.1 Donations to the pool should be sent in Euros or US Dollars via PayPal to (milkman). Name or a request to remain anonymous is to be stated in 'Write a note' section.

5.2.2 PayPal charges conversion fees for payouts in a different currency than the donation. Conversion fees for payouts will be drawn from the respective prize money rather than the entire pool.

BI-3.6 versions of all these maps can be downloaded in the resource center.

Kriegsschweine by Upps
Tank Trap by Upps
Glittering Gully by Blackened
Bossman by J MegaTank
Overlook by i like men
widow sucks by despro

To vote please reply in this thread (or PM TTTPPP on Discord) with your votes in the format:

Code: Select all

3pts: xxx
2pts: xxx
1pt: xxx

All the entries in a random order:

Image Kriegsschweine by Upps Image Tank Trap by Upps Image Glittering Gully by Blackened Image Bossman by J MegaTank Image Overlook by i like men Image widow sucks by despro

Votes recieved from:

(Not) New
J MegaTank
tux (twice)
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Re: Red Alert Global League: Season 15 - Map Contest

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Re: Red Alert Global League: Season 15 - Map Contest

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Re: Red Alert Global League: Season 15 - Map Contest

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Hi here's my vote
3pts: widow sucks
2pts: Overlook
1pt: Tank Trap

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Re: Red Alert Global League: Season 15 - Map Contest

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3pts: Overlook
2pts: Tank Trap
1pt: Glittering Gully

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Re: Red Alert Global League: Season 15 - Map Contest

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Nice work guys.

3pts: Overlook
2pts: Bossman
1pt: Tank Trap

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