RAGL Season 10 Weekly Highlights

Links to some of the best replays from RAGL Season 10

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RAGL Season 10 Weekly Highlights

Post by TTTPPP »

Week 1

Last season then there was a feeling that something missing was Netnazgul's weekly Frontline reports. I don't think I can get anywhere near to that level of quality and play my matches but I wanted to publicise some highlights for anyone to catch up on. I'm also aiming to do this in a spoiler-free way, so that you won't know whether to expect an epic tier three struggle or an MCV-sell all-in. If you want to watch more games then they're all available (along with the current score boards) on the RAGL site: http://ragl.org/

Week 1 has seen the standard number of Masters delays, and there has only been a single match. Consequently Happy vs Goat is the Masters highlight for this week:

Masters Match of the Week

Clockwork vs goat (Masters)
Cast by Kaution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6_xKJyohdk
Game 1: http://ragl.org/replay/dfefe0a6977239aa ... 419def6dcc
Game 2: http://ragl.org/replay/84456538cab5a234 ... d83ffbc4f9

Best of the Rest

Kernel Panic vs Pinkthoth (Minions B)
Cast by Kaution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_7BAn41W3I
Game 1: http://ragl.org/replay/3f71d494860817c8 ... 377c78d5e8
Game 2: http://ragl.org/replay/e6aa85ea7a76055f ... d47ef8ca03

Goremented vs spetsnaz84 (Minions A)
Game 1: http://ragl.org/replay/834351d205f1bfef ... 7cb3cdfb03
Game 2: http://ragl.org/replay/1e4d3643e1de0193 ... 6894e7cc97

Honourable Mention
This was a game that I really enjoyed watching, but the second game hasn't been played yet.

poop vs worldpeace (Minions B)
Game 1: http://ragl.org/replay/fa513365d3b3cb0c ... 9283fe7aaa

I should point out that I haven't watched all the matches, so you might have other highlights from this week. Please feel free to post them below with links to the replays!
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Re: RAGL Season 10 Weekly Highlights

Post by Kaution »

TTTPPP the hero we all need but don't deserve!

Thanks for putting this on the forum, i'll see if i can cast some of these you have mentioned.

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Re: RAGL Season 10 Weekly Highlights

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Week 2

I thought the start of season Masters delays would be over by now, as players must be fairly familiar with the maps. However this week has seen no games in Masters at all - an achievement not seen since Season 5. Fortunately there have been quite a few Minions games (particularly in Minions Alpha), so this week we have:

Masters Minions Match of the Week

MR C-spetsnaz84 (Minions A)
Game 1: http://ragl.org/replay/48858e7943ad6384 ... 69a93c2ce1
Game 2: http://ragl.org/replay/0ef5f495a2c0a92b ... 33c68dfac7

Best of the Rest

I thought about it and decided that I'm not above putting myself in the highlights, so here's another game from spetsnaz84, but this time against me.

spetsnaz84-TTTPPP (Minions A)
Game 1: http://ragl.org/replay/0f98b5cc52fd457a ... 70eb19a8bd
Game 2: http://ragl.org/replay/27ed5ce7267760a7 ... fafd772bd8

copla201-Goremented (Minions A)
Game 1: http://ragl.org/replay/ef34ec9e3341932b ... 757fa2ca2c
Game 2: http://ragl.org/replay/8a61f981d50439b4 ... 9a690ba1ad

As I mentioned before, feel free to link to other highlights. I watched quite a few games, but I've probably missed some good ones!

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