Color palette?

Where do I find it?

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Color palette?

Post by xX_Pokeman2003_Xx »

Yeah, it's me again. This time, it's something even more ridiculous. I can't find the color palette of any of the CnC games, which has made trying to map new campaign faction colors a pain, because I don't know what is what. Where could I find the color palette? (And WHY do I need the color palette for campaign maps when the game blatantly supports hex?)

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Re: Color palette?

Post by Matt »

OpenRA has VGA palettes which are used for terrain, sprites, mouse cursors etc. and player palette which remap a certain range of the .pal to a user-defined color. ... and-Remaps explains it.

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Re: Color palette?

Post by Pinkthoth »

Open the OpenRA utility and type;

ra --extract temperat.pal

The palette is now in your game folder. If you want other games cnc is Tiberian Dawn, ts is Tiberian Sun and d2k is Dune. In the rules folder of each game, the palettes.yaml tells what each palette's palette file is called.

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