Combined Arms 0.70 - Looking for Players

Version 0.70 of Combined Arms was recently released. Looking for players who might be interested in some 1v1s or 2v2s.

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Combined Arms 0.70 - Looking for Players

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Version 0.70 of Combined Arms was released a little over a week ago, adding a whole new faction (Scrin) along with a load of other improvements.

I've been helping out with the mod for about a year (Inq being the original creator), and one morning in June I decided to try adding an entirely new faction from scratch; which has turned out pretty well I think..

I've been playing the mod with a group of 10 or so friends for .. approaching 2 years now. For a long while we just played against the AI, but I've been assisting with balancing for PvP/competitive play to the point where it seems to be in a pretty good place (to the extent it can be with such a small sample size of players and games, especially given the amount of stuff in the mod), so I'd be interested to know if others might like to join for some 1v1s or 2v2s so that the mod can continue to grow and improve as something that can be played competitively.

At some point I'd like to do a league/ladder/tournment, but for starters just having a few more players around would be great.

More than happy to give anyone an overview of the mod, e.g. how it differs to the originals and/or the OpenRA RA/TD mods upon which it was originally based, but a very brief summary would be that it's a fusion of Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert with Scrin now added. Each main faction has 3 subfactions. Lots of new units have been added, many of which are from other C&C titles (or are units that didn't make it into the final versions, where concept art has been referenced). Each subfaction has two unique units, a unique support power, and a passive bonus of some kind.

If anyone's interested in playing, you can reply here, or find me on the CA Discord:

Download the mod here: ... bined-arms

Video of testing out Scrin:

All the units and defenses in the mod:


All of the Scrin additions:




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