More Expensive Units for Dune (dk2)

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More Expensive Units for Dune (dk2)

Post by eddieballgame »

For those that are interested in not seeing hundreds of units in a game of Dune (dk2), I have done up a little mod to address this.
Adjusting the cost of the Infantry, Vehicles, & Structures, I have come up with a version that offers a different challenge/experience.
To use this mod, simply back up the 'rules' folder in the OpenRA/mods/dk2 folder & replace with the following attachment. (unzipped of course)

Here is the Readme:
OpenRA/mods/rules --- backup & replace 'rules' folder with the modded 'RULES' folder

COSTS OF ALL UNITS ( INFANTRY & VEHICLES ) = X 10 ( HARVESTORS = 1000 per 'refinery' )


concretea: Cost: 20 --- BuildDurationModifier: 40 (was 54)

concreteb: Cost: 40 (was 50) --- BuildDuration: 40 (was 81)

construction_yard: Cost: 1000 (was 2000)

wind_trap: Cost: 200 (was 225)

barracks: Cost: 100 (was 225)

refinery: Cost: 1000 (was 1500)

silo: Cost: 100 (was 120)

light_factory: Cost: 200 (was 500)

heavy_factory: Cost: 400 (was 1000)

outpost: Cost: 500 (was 750)

starport: Cost: 10000 (was 1500)--- BuildDuration: 2160 (was 540) --- VEHICLES are half priced

wall: Cost: 20 --- BuildDuration: 20 (was 54) --- Health:HP: 40000 (was 20000)

medium_gun_turret: Cost: 200 (was 550)

large_gun_turret: Cost: 400 (was 750)

repair_pad: Cost: 400 (was 800)

high_tech_factory: Cost: 1000 (was 1150)

research_centre: Cost: 500 (was 1000)

palace: Cost: 1000 (was 1600) --- Health: HP: 80000 (was 40000)
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Re: More Expensive Units for Dune (dk2)

Post by VonBruinwald »

Nice start.

Not sure if you're aware but if you create a YAML with just the changes you want to make you can append it to the end of the mod file and it will load your changes replacing the existing values:

For example:
If you create a file named "pricewars.yaml" and put the following in it.

Code: Select all

		Cost: 20
		BuildDurationModifier: 40

		Cost: 40
		BuildDurationModifier: 40

		Cost: 1000
Then append the filename to the the end of rules in the mod.yaml:


Your changes you made will still take effect.
It saves a lot of hunting through files when you make changes to your code and bork something up or want to tweak it.
Take a look at my TeamTurkey mod to see how it's done on a larger scale.

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Re: More Expensive Units for Dune (dk2)

Post by netnazgul »

Even better solution would be to make such pricewars.yaml file, add it into a map (oramap is a zip archive), add "Rules: pricewars.yaml" line at the end of map.yaml file.

You'll be able to use this map on a release version of the game, and it will be valid for further releases as well, as long as the values aren't updated in release at the same time.

Also if you upload such map to Resource Center - you'd be able to play in multiplayer with anyone on the release version using official release servers. Other players just need to download the map.

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