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Crashing after changing weapon range

Posted: Sun Jul 12, 2020 11:14 am
by Lassar
Changed the Telsazap & VolkovWeapon range to A20. (in weapons.yaml)

Code: Select all

	Range: a20
	Inherits: DogJaw
	Range: 5c512

	Inherits: SilencedPPK
	ReloadDelay: 25
	Range: a20
	InvalidTargets: Air, Bridge, Structure
	Warhead@1Dam: SpreadDamage
		Spread: 256
			None: 90
			Wood: 75
			Light: 60
			Heavy: 25
			Concrete: 50
		DamageTypes: Prone50Percent, TriggerProne, SmallExplosionDeath
	Warhead@2Smu: LeaveSmudge
		SmudgeType: Crater
		InvalidTargets: Vehicle, Structure, Wall, Husk, Trees
	Warhead@3Eff: CreateEffect
		Explosions: artillery_explosion
		ImpactSounds: kaboom25.aud
		ValidTargets: Ground, Ship, Trees
	Warhead@4EffWater: CreateEffect
		Explosions: small_splash
		ImpactSounds: splash9.aud
		ValidTargets: Water, Underwater
		InvalidTargets: Ship, Structure, Bridge

Now I get the error "Cannot parse `a20` into `Range.OpenRA.WDist"

The range is in hexadecimal right?

What gives ?

Re: Crashing after changing weapon range

Posted: Sun Jul 12, 2020 11:26 am
by abcdefg30
No, ranges are measured in cells, the value before "c" is the full cells, while the value afterwards is a fraction of a cell (between including 0 and 1023; a full cell are 1024 'units'). So "3c512" means "3 full cells and a half".